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Detoxion is an “ionic detox patch” that’s applied to the body while sleeping in order to potentially draw harmful toxins from the user’s body. This product is distributed by a company called Holistec which has been around since 1989. Apparently these foot patches have been all the rage in Asia for years. The official website discusses how “18 million patches” are sold there every month. The goal of these patches is to essentially pull heavy metals, impurities and toxins from the body to keep it healthy.

These patches are applied to the feet before bedtime, using an adhesive tape, and then socks are put on over them. There is a chart/graph presented on the official website that discusses the lymphatic system and how the Detoxion patch assists with drawing out toxins.


Tourmaline, Vinegar Essence, Eucalyptus Oil, Argaricus, Chitosan, Mugwort Extract, Pearl Stone, Highly Purified Silica, Starch, Bamboo Sap and Polyolic Alcohol.

Product Features

The Detoxion patch is basically a product that’s strapped to the soles of the user’s feet before bedtime. This product is claimed to relieve arthritis pain, boost the immune system, enhance mental focus, improve overall circulation, relieve stress, assist with head aches, increase energy levels, and even improve the user’s sleep. Other places a Detoxion patch can be placed are the knee, calve, abdomen area, shoulder, back of the neck, and the back of the hand/wrist. A single pack of 10 patches sells via the official website for $16.95. This product does come with a 30 day money back guarantee for those who’re not satisfied with the results.

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  • The Detoxion patch may assist with anything from arthritis pain, to a stronger immune system, to enhanced mental focus, to better overall circulation, to stress relief, to head aches, to increased energy levels, to better sleep.
  • The Detoxion patch is easily attainable through the official website.
  • All ingredients are clearly disclosed for this product.


  • Real clinical evidence supporting the Detoxion patch is not available on the official website.
  • Some men and women may have allergic reactions to certain components in the patch.
  • Applying the patch to the soles of the feet every night before bedtime may not be desirable for some.
  • This product will likely not aid in the weight reduction process, or at least it’s not addressed on the official website.


All in all, the Detoxion patch is similar to some other patch products out there that are claimed to offer the same benefits. Which one works the most effectively is difficult to determine without actually trying them all. In regards to this “miracle patch” assisting with sleep, the immune system, arthritis pain, headaches, mental focus, circulation, and several other issues, this may seem a bit difficult for some individuals to believe. However, for those that do acquire the Detoxion patch, at least there is a 30 day money back guarantee offered.

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    I have used the foot patches over the years when I could afford them. Whenever I have some extra money I’m so happy I can order more. I have a sluggish lymphatic system and have ankle swelling….unless I have the foot patches. Nothing else has helped me like they do. Sometimes I have to go longer without them so it takes longer to get results….but they always work to get my lymphatic system cleaned out and working right again. Also, I sleep straight through the night with these and wake up refreshed.