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DetoxuFREE72 is 72-hour detox phase pill that is sold along with a product called Apidexin. It is not clear from the website what company manufactures these products or where it is based. DetoxuFREE72 can be received free from the Apidexin official website by ordering Apidexin, or it can be purchase separately from other online retailers. Apidexin and DetoxuFREE72 are marketed as weight loss aids.


The main ingredients in DetoxuFREE72 are dandelion root, burchu, uva ursi and milk thistle. At least one of these ingredients is known as a diuretic, which may contribute to weight loss through water loss. However, losing weight by diuretics is dangerous and may cause sever dehydration. Furthermore, any weight loss through water will be regained when the product ceases to be used.

DetoxuFREE72’s website claims that its product and Apidexin can cause you to “lose 4-7 pounds per week effortlessly.” There are many customer testimonials on the website, however company contact information is not provided. There are also no free samples and no satisfaction guarantees given for this product.

List of Ingredients

Dandelion root, burchu, uva ursi and milk thistle.

Product Features

DetoxuFREE72 is provided free from the Apidexin official website by ordering Apidexin, or it can be purchase separately from other online retailers like ebay for as low as $7. Apidexin and DetoxuFREE72 do not come with any money-back guarantees or refund offers. There is no contact address for this company, and every link on the website goes to the same homepage.

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  • DetoxuFREE72 are readily available from several online retailers.
  • There are customer testimonials provided for Apidexin and DetoxuFREE72.



  • DetoxuFREE72 are not scientifically proven to be more effective than other types of detoxification products on the market.
  • DetoxuFREE72 does not come with any refund offers or satisfaction guarantees.
  • This does not seem to be a healthy or sustainable weight loss system, since it does not encourage a healthy diet or fitness regimen along with using its product.
  • DetoxuFREE72 is not meant for long-term use.



DetoxuFREE72 are pills that are provided free along with the purchase of Apidexin on its official website. Apidexin and DetoxuFREE72 are marketed as weight loss aids. These products’ effectiveness has not been proven, and the lack of information about the company or any product guarantees does not instill much trust in this product. Also, the exaggerated marketing claims of this product “lose 4-7 pounds per week effortlessly” are not credible based on the ingredients of the products.

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29 User Reviews about DetoxuFREE72

  • 1

    I am dissatisfied with DetoxUFree72. I have had no change in bodily functions that would indicate detoxification in progress. I even ate only raw fruit to try to boost the process. It is a good thing this formula was free with purchase of Apidexin. I suppose I need a stronger formulation or different herbs. ;-(


  • 2

    taking products just by themselves doesn’t mean anything if there’s no proper diet and exercise, it doesn’t have to be extreme exercise either


  • 3

    I have taken Apidexin for a week and haven’t seen any results. I’ve gained 2 lbs since I started Apidexin. Anyone else disappointed?


  • 4

    I started taking the detox and adipexin at the same time. I did everythign as instructed but on day three I gained 3 more pounds. I’m going to continue to take it as recommended just becuase I paid my money for it. I hope I start loosing weight, I’m even going to the gym.


  • 5

    I just ordered some…I just want to know if it is something I will want to take on the weekend??? I dont want to be running to the bathroom every 5 min at work?


  • 6

    i just started both of them today BUT i have also been going to the gym for the past 3 weeks. and have already lost 12 lbs id like to lose alot more just a little faster maybe this will help me. i will stay in touch.


  • 7

    i took both detox & apidexin i ended up with stomach problems that i never had before. i never lost any weight. i did get a refund from the company but not full amount.



    What kind of stomach problems did you have? I have the same effect. Nausia, stomach pain cramps from gas jelly looking stool. Yuck its going in the trash.


  • 8

    Started detoxufree72 today and have been taking apidexin for a couple weeks now. Havn’t noticed much change, no weight loss not even any energy boost.. :(


  • 9

    I hope it’s not rocket surgery .. LOL


  • 10

    I just started today. I am doing both Detoxu and apidexin. I went from ’bout 164 in the morning. I ate a peanut butter sandwhich a big salad with boiled egg turkey etc. And *i know this is bad* But 4 smores. I went down about 1 1/2lbs. Probably just water weight but a good start (: No side effects.


  • 11

    This is my 2nd day, I’m doing the detox and apidexin…. lost 3lbs I also don’t have any of the side effects stated; jus a nice burst of energy now! Hope it works!


  • 12
    Just Wondering

    take them together,

    im on my first day today :)


  • 13

    Can you take the DetoxuFree72 with the Apidexin for the first 3 days? Or do I need to take the DetoxuFree72, wait the 3 days, then start the Apidexin?


  • 14

    On day 3 with Apidexin and Detox 72 hour. I have notice a burst of energy and sleepness nights. I also notice a change in my appetite but that my be due to the constant drinking of water to stay hydrated. We’ll see if this work out in the end. Wish me luck.



    How was it? Results?


  • 15

    how come there is no money back gauntee? if it don’t work do we get our money back.



    Mine has a money back guarantee. Did yours not come with one?


  • 16

    i just got my supply to day 1-5-2011 and i am reading that some people didn’t see any change so if it do not work i will call BBB and report false advertising i spent 106.00 and i do not have money just to give away.


  • 17

    You want to use DetoxuFREE72 at the same time, and you use DetoxuFREE72 at the beginning of the cycle, it jump-starts your weight-loss cycle. Also, if you have questions about how many you are supposed to be taking, read the bottle, its not rocket-surgery. My wife and I started it today, hope it works as good as we need it too.


  • 18

    didnt notice ANY DIFFERENCE with detoxufree72, started apidex today, so far i notice an increased amount of energy. we’ll see how this works soon!



    how many do you take at once


  • 19

    Do i use detoxufree72 at the same time as the adipexin? Please let me know!


  • 20

    when do you use detoxufree72? when you first start the month or the end?


  • 21
    Patrice Cook

    I completed the first 72 hours use of DetoxuFREE72 along with the apidexin and have not lost any weight. How soon can I use the Detoxufree72 again?



    you can use the detox once a month



    I just finished the DetoxuFree72 as well, and it had no effect on me whatsoever. I’m taking Apidexin at the same time and no noticable impact to anything.



    are you actually eating right and exercising or just taking the pills..



    You should take DetoxuFree72 before starting Apidexin. You need to cleanse your system before starting any diet pill.