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DEX-C20 is a dietary supplement manufactured by Delmar Labs. While this product is sold conveniently online, it can additionally be acquired in common drugstores like CVS Pharmacy, Walgreens, Rite Aid, and even GNC stores. Also known as DEX-C20 Caralluma Fimbriata, this capsule formula claims to aid with fat loss by reducing fat cell division and storage. It has been featured on channels like Fox, NBC, ABC, and CBS. There are a few success stories for this supplement posted on the site. This diet drug is directed to be taken prior to eating lunch and dinner (one capsule with eight ounces of water each time). The primary active ingredient incorporated into this weight reduction supplement is Slimaluma, which is an extract of the Caralluma plant. This component may suppress the user’s appetite, and reduce body fat. Some individuals who’ve taken DEX-C20 capsules have lost a reported three inches from their waistline. Unlike many other diet drugs out there, this supplement doesn’t contain stimulants like caffeine, nor does it contain Ephedra. The official website does encourage regular exercise, healthy eating habits, and the taking of a multivitamin. Naturally anyone taking a prescription medication should consult a doctor prior to taking DEX-C20.


Not available on the official website.

Product Features

DEX-C20 is a weight loss supplement that appears to be suitable for both women and men who suffer with obesity or excess weight gain. By utilizing the key component Slimaluma, this capsule product may assist with appetite suppression and fat loss. This fat loss is supposed to be primarily seen around the user’s waist line. There is clinical research and studies presented on the official website concerning the key ingredient found in DEX-C20. The retail cost of this diet drug is $39.90 for 60 capsules. While there is a convenient FAQ page provided on the website, this supplement doesn’t appear to come with any kind of guarantee.

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  • It’s a cinch to come by DEX-C20 capsules, since they’re readily available at most drugstores, GNC stores, as well as online.
  • There is some clinical data presented on the official website supporting the overall effectiveness of DEX-C20 supplements.


  • Although many diet products are sold with a refund guarantee, this supplement is not.
  • DEX-C20 doesn’t aim to assist the user with thermogenesis.
  • All ingredients for this weight loss supplement are not posted clearly on the website for review.
  • Free trial samples of DEX-C20 capsules are not offered.


The key active component found in DEX-C20, which is Slimaluma, presents an interesting take on weight loss. Naturally it is good to see real clinical research provided to support this weight loss drug. On the other hand, there are no other key weight loss ingredients incorporated into DEX-C20 to help with thermogenesis or real fat burning. As with all diet drugs, you should be sure you learn about any potential side effects that apply to this product, even though it’s supposed to have none. Lastly, you’ll want to know all of the ingredients offered in DEX-C20 before you purchase it (for allergy reasons).

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    How long does it take for DEX-c20 to clear out of your body? I took it for 19 days and stopped about 6 days ago and have felt fatigued, thirsty, hungry, nausea ever since. Any feedback would be appreciated.