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Dherbs 10 Day Cleanse for a healthier body comes in a variety of forms. Dherbs.com has a 10 day cleanse for the Colon, Blood, Liver, Kidneys and soon to come the Heart. Dherbs 10 Day Cleanse for the body also includes a 10 day Cleanse to eradicate yeast and an Electric Green Cells Food Cleanse. These cleansing treatments are all based on a 10 day plan. Many of them are suggested to be repeated for several months consecutively not making them a 10 day cleanse but rather a continued supplement.


Dherbs 10 Day Cleanse for the body has a number of formulas. The content of many of these formulas for the various cleansing plans are one in the same. Many of them contain Goldenseal, ipecac root and a number of laxatives and diuretics.

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The various Dherbs 10 Day Cleanse for overall better health contain a large number of ingredients. Consumers will find that the best products on the market are not necessarily ones that contain more ingredients but those who contain just a few of the very best ingredients. The Dherbs company has taken to the method of more is better and this is simple not scientifically proven. In fact there is absolutely zero scientific evidence that the Dherbs 10 Day Cleanse for any condition is valid and can provide the benefits and results this company is claiming. In fact the FDA has gone as far as in June of 2008 to release a letter to the Dherb company stating that their claims for many of their products violated federal laws and act by claiming to cure, treat or prevent diseases. These statements make this company’s products fall under the drug category rather than the herbal supplement they truly are. They can not make claims as they have with out proper approval and scientific finding proving their claims. Consumers should be weary of any product which claims to be able to cure a disease without having the evidence to back their statements.

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  • Dherbs 10 Day Cleanse for a variety of conditions are available for sale on the company’s dedicated website.


  • Consumers should be cautious of taking any Dherbs 10 Day cleanse for any terminally fatal disease without the evidence to back these claims.
  • Dherbs 10 Day Cleanse for the various conditions do not have any standing in the alternative medicine field or modern medicine field.
  • The claims of the Dherbs 10 Day Cleanse for the various areas of the body are not founded on scientific evidence supported by the medical community.


Consumers should be cautious of taking the Dherbs 10 Day Cleanse for any disorder or problem they may be having. This company has not provided the scientific evidence needed to prove their claims of treating preventing and even curing diseases with any of the Dherbs 10 Day Cleanse for any area of the body. Consumers should look for a product which contains proven ingredients and not just a bunch of ingredients thrown together to hopefully provide some sort of result. The most a consumer could get from many of these products is a long list of side effects including nausea, stomach upset, dehydration and diarrhea.

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  • 1

    It does not matter what someone says about a product. If the person likes that company; then they will continue to support the company. I don’t know what makes companies try and put down other companies with lies. That only makes someone want to try the product even more. So please just stop already!!


  • 2

    How soon can I receive this?


  • 3

    I would love go try you product, but I have come conserns….. I have Lupus (12 years) and need to know if I took the Dherb cleanser would I t affect me because, of the other medication that I am currently taking? I weight 201 lbs and would like to lose 25-30 lbs….please help!!!!


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    Lorraine Toney

    I would to clean my colon,kidney also burner fat too so i can be healthy in my older day.