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Dherbs.com is a company that has dedicated itself to informing and adequately educating consumers on the significance of overall wellbeing and sustenance. The products offered in the market by Dherbs are thus designed to act as detoxifiers in order to cleanse the body. The Colon Formula, which is part of the full body detoxification, is one such product.

The full body detoxification program is constituted of six products of which the Colon Formula is included. The other five products are the Blood and Lymphatic Cleanser, Cardiovascular Cleanser, Liver and Gall Bladder Cleanser, Lung cleanser and Kidneys-Bladder-Adrenal Cleanser. The Colon Intestinal Cleanser like all Dherbs products is a purely herbal extraction thus is ideal for vegetarians. Each supplement in the total body detox retails at about $19.95. This makes the entire program cost nearly $120.00.

Other products on the site include Jackrabbit Formula, Fibroid Buster, Anti-Viral Formula, Bowel Mover and Weight Release Formula. The Weight Release Formula is said to help maintain weight lost on the detox program.


Each of the supplements has a different ingredient list. The Weight Release Formula ingredient list includes chickweed, bladderwrack, celery seed, fennel, hibiscus, orris, gotu kola, orange peel, lemon peel, bissey nut, burdock, green tea, chicory, uva ursi, yerba mate, cleavers, birch and rhatany.

Product Features

The product comes packaged in form of capsules with each bottle holding one hundred pills. This Dherbs.com product is said to be derived from herbal plants utilized by old cultures for reason of conditioning the entire digestive system. The Colon Formula should be taken in dosages that include three capsules that are to be ingested on a daily basis. This is not to mention the other supplements in the total body detox.

The Weight Release Formula is a laundry list of natural diuretics.

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  • It conditions the digestive tract by gently invigorating peristalsis which is the wave like motion that moves food through the esophagus and the rest of the digestive tract.
  • Cleans the intestinal walls as a result of the bulking, moist and sticky properties.
  • It assists in the mending of microscopic villi.
  • The mucilage property associated with the formula helps lubricate the colon.
  • As it contains fiber and roughage it assists in stool softening.


  • The Colon formula encourages bowel movement which may inconvenience someone with frequent visits to the bathroom.
  • In order to function at its maximum it is to be taken frequently, therefore requires discipline.
  • Again the entire regime is supposed to include a full body detoxification which is relatively expensive, $120.00.
  • The Weight Release Formula is a diuretic.


Dherbs.com provides total body cleansing and while some people lose weight when cleansing, this is not a long term option for weight loss. The majority of the ingredients in body cleansers are natural diuretics and laxatives. This leads to water loss and increased bowel movements but not real weight loss. The product is also very expensive. In order to lose weight, we recommend going with a weight loss supplement that help increase the thermogenics in the body paired with a higher fiber diet.

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  • 1
    bessi e reynolds

    Is this product helpful for people with diabetes.


  • 2

    I don’t eat that much vegetables except collards greens, string beans and cabbage. Will I be able to cook those three vegetables and not eat the meat. Therefore, I’ll be doing the fruits and those 3 vegetables. Sunday will be one week on the full body cleanse and all I’ve been eating are fruits and pecan and drinking a lot of water. I’m doing great on just the fruits, but not sure if it’s a good idea to do just that for the 20 days. I’ve lost 10 lbs so far in less than a week.

    Thanks for any suggestions.

    Rhonda Robinson


  • 3
    kouadio boga

    Greettings, is Dherbs FDA approved and does not have labels of this statement has been verified by the FDA?


  • 4
    Kabata McMillan

    Does it work with dialysis patients


  • 5

    I am interested in your weight loss program the program that includes a weight loss shot I can not find any information on it only what I hear on v101.9 when I am in the car I have huigh blood pressure and diabeties so I need to know if the program would be feasible for me and the cost of the program because affordable may not fit everybody. thank you connie Jordan.


  • 6

    i just turn 60 and need to loose at lease 40lbs.i have type2, not on any meds just control with diet and exerise.what do u suggest? i would like to lose at least 3olbs by beging of april.thanks


  • 7

    What do you recommmend for someone who has multiple fibroids the largest measuring 7.4cmx6.4cm? And what will be
    the total cost of treatment?


  • 8

    How much for the Detox pills ?


    Ricky mensah

    How much for the detox pill?


  • 9
    Brenda Felder

    Yes i would like to know if u can get the dherbs togather weight release & detox in the same pill thanks


  • 10
    Linda Colbert

    I order Dherbs to help me lost weight do I need weight loss supplement to go with Dherbs ?


  • 11

    my question is this also good for smaller people. i really dont want to lose weight


  • 12

    How does your full body cleanse impact patients with Type 2 diabetes?


  • 13
    Kecia Blake

    Can people that have highblood pressure , asthma take this?


  • 14

    I am on day 15 of the 20 day cleansing, and I have no appetite, so I force myself to drink homemade smoothies. I feel fine or should I say I feel excellent. Is this norm?


  • 15
    bee ray

    My mom was diagnosed with stage4 pancreatic cancer a year ago and she have no energy or appetite is there any herbs that we can try to help her with energy and appetite.


  • 16

    Hi… Mr. Harvey I never tried Dherbs. Before I heard you talking about it all the time. I won’t to try it if it good for you it can be good for me too. I used to be in mens 38 size. Now I am in 42 and44 pants size.Mr. Harvey tell me that Dherbs really work.And I will go out and buy that good stuff to help myself feel better inside and out. THank you


  • 17

    What are the side effects of crysin and the general testerone stimulating herbs? rha


  • 18
    Irma Dillard

    I havent tried them yet but I take Carbamezapine for seizures. Would I still be able to use the diuretic products?


  • 19
    Beverly Hildreth

    Please tell me about this product and how it can help diabetics?


  • 20
    m. garrett

    I want to detox without losing weight. What should I do.


  • 21

    I’ve just purchased this product and wanted to know if I will be spending a lot of time in the bathroom during first few days of starting this product?


  • 22



  • 23

    I want to know what kind of diet I have to be on like what foods cant I eat


  • 24
    Freddie Ann Burton

    I am looking form something to help me clean up my kidneys or I will have to go on dialers. so please help me to fine something to help me clean up my kidneys. Thank you


  • 25

    I used the full body cleanse this past spring and got great results. I followed instructions and consumed only a raw foods diet. I slept better, skin acne disappeared, I think more clearly. I also released 10 pounds of waste and have managed to keep it off. I am now looking into ordering the fibroid cleanse.


  • 26
    lmarsha l

    make sure if you need to send back a product to Dherbs SEND it back immediately. the owner brenda will not make any exceptions. bad customer service on her behalf.


  • 27
    Madeline Harley

    This is my second time doing the 20 day detox if my memory serve me right is it suggested that before you start the cleansing you should consume liquid the first two days before the cleansing. Waiting for a reply.



    I am a 62 year old woman with blood pressure problem.and circulation problems.my body is full of years of backed up poop can this help me..


  • 28

    I just ordered the dherbs products and after reading this article, I think I’ll be fine. Although you referd to the product as a diuretic, you did not say it didn’t work.


    Zotica Sttaw

    This product did exactly what it said. You go to the bathroom several times a day but normally.


  • 29
    kennetta rowell

    I was just wondering of this product is this good for diebec


  • 30

    If you are just starting out on a through cleanse, should you have a colonic before or after taking the dherb detox regiment.


  • 31
    lyn Jones

    Im a person that have sugar and can’t seem to lose weight my other problem is i have chronic pain that i live with everyday i want to know what i can take to help me out if someone can email me back so i can try the dherb i will really appreciate thank u been try to go on the web page it wont come up



    chronic pain? your probably dehydrated, do you drink 8 glasses of water a day? no? get a large Gatoraid or large electrolyte drink from Aldis Grocery or the children isle at CVS etc. then start drinking your water every day sweety. Water Electrolytes heal.


  • 32

    After reading about your DHerb program, it sounds great, but at this time I cannot afford it. As soon as I can I would love to try the cleanslng products. Thank You, Mable Phillips.


  • 33

    While using this formula what should you be eating ? Or do you have to fast ?


  • 34

    I use some of the products for fibroids and viruses, but my dr said many if the herbs listed could cause me to bleed to death if ever in an accident or surgery. After researching on some of the herbs on the internet it did say this. Are they really safe?


  • 35
    jackie ross

    what is treatment for cataracts


  • 36

    I just learned that the Herbalist Djehuty is no longer affiliated with DHERBS! This is truly disappointing.


    Forrest Patrick

    Disappointing? Actually quite liberating! Djehuty is doing way more for people now than when he was at Dherbs.



    Indeed, and his prices are waaaaay more affordable!



    What is his website?


    Dehuty is a liar. His cleanses do not even offer all the ingredients that Dherbs does, that is why he can afford to charge such cheap prices. He is a fraud. DO NOT BUY FROM DHEALTH! You get what you pay for….you’ve been warned.


    what’s that all about


  • 37

    I tried the product in the past and i had a 100 percent success and i am looking forward to doing it again. Is it possible to send me a discount


  • 38
    nadia bailey

    are all of the ingredients in dherbs compatible with each other


  • 39

    I love Dherbs.com, the Full Body Detox has changed my life.



    I am looking into trying the detox. could you provide me with some of your experience? your views on the producs/package – both good & bad. Thank You



    Terry my experience was very good with the detox. It took away my craving for sweets after I finished. I lost 15lbs, could sleep better (deeper), and my memory wasn’t as cloudy as it usually is. I detox every seasonal change just to give my body a break from the crap I eat that I know is not good for me. I disagree with this sites conclusion as permanent weight loss comes from eating right (no dairy, processed foods or meat) and exercise. I have managed to keep 20lbs off me all year by getting rid of meats and upping my raw vegetable intake as well as walking on a treadmill 3 times a week. Try it and judge for yourself.


  • 40
    Danielle Blackwood

    Crooks don’t use them



    Danielle – According to another website about your issue…they have indicated delivery of your order to the address you provided which turn out to be to wrong address. Later you confirmed the delivery to that address. After an agreement to resend your order to the correct address you wanted a refund which they said ok if you send back the order they sent to you. Only you know if this in part or whole is true. Have you sent back their product so they can send you your refund? If no,,, to comment “Crooks don’t use them” is misleading without saying more to explain yourself. If yes, then say more, otherwise why participate in the forum? As it stands, your comment is not informational.



    Sounds like you work for the company Terry. Sounds like there is some punctuation missing. I interpreted Danielle’s comment as “Crooks, don’t use them.” I assume they are selling ‘quack’ products in her opinion which makes sense for many products where the FDA has not validated the claims. Her comment may not have been informational, but certainly communicated where she stands with this company and its product.


  • 41

    Want to clean my colon. Gave up red meat and on way to possible vegan. Any advice/suggestions?



    try a colonic procedure it really works take out the toxic out of your body and makes u feel lighter


  • 42
    Sherica Mays

    What Can I take for extensive weight loss that will not harm me?



    jusy started the colon cleanser


  • 43

    I have a tingling feeling in the bottom of my feet.
    and when I stop and sit down or lay down my body feel like its trying to jump out of my skin



    Tiffany, If I were you, I would go to the Doctor, and ask him to check your blood, and give you a complete physical.