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While you will constantly encounter weight loss supplements for individuals fighting obesity, how many products out there are specifically for type 2 diabetics? Well, there is at least one, and it’s called Diab-X. This product is offered by Proven Results Health online. Put simply, this oral supplement claims to assist individuals with type 2 diabetes so that they can “maintain a normal and healthy blood sugar level.” Although a healthy diet plan and regular exercise are almost always recommended for type 2 diabetics, this product is supposed to help users get their blood sugar levels where they need to be up to three times faster.

The official website for Diab-X states that nearly 20 years of research has gone into this supplement. Basically this pill aims to encourage normal energy metabolism, aid with healthy blood sugar levels and insulin function, as well as help the user achieve good cholesterol levels and heart health.


Chromium as Polynicotinate, Ginger Root, Garcinia Cambogia, Piper Longum Fruit, Piper Nigrum Fruit, Potassium and Tumeric.

Product Features

Diab-X is a supplement formula that’s taken orally each day to potentially assist type 2 diabetics. The goal of this product is to encourage normal energy metabolism, aid with healthy blood sugar levels and insulin function, as well as help the user achieve good cholesterol levels and heart health. It sells via the official website for $69.95 (90 capsules), and does come with a 90 day risk free guarantee. There are some customer testimonials presented on the official website, along with clinical evidence regarding the key ingredients found in Diab-X. This supplement is stated to be a “safe and effective” supplement that’s all natural.

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  • Diab-X capsules are sold with a 90 day money back guarantee.
  • Some testimonials and clinical research is provided on the official website.
  • The key ingredients offered in Diab-X are presented and discussed on the website, which is helpful.


  • This dietary supplement is really only suitable for individuals with type 2 diabetes.
  • Some of the ingredients found in Diab-X may cause allergic reactions in some users, which is why it’s important for those with allergies to pay close attention.
  • This weight loss product doesn’t aim to increase thermogenesis.
  • The official website for Diab-X is presented like a massive ad or infomercial, which may raise a few eyebrows.


In the end, it is nice to see a supplement that’s specifically geared toward individuals with type 2 diabetes. Naturally there are some folks out there who would like assistance with managing their blood sugar levels. On the plus side, Diab-X is sold with a 90 day guarantee and testimonials are offered. Then again, it’s important to speak with a physician if you have a health affliction such as type 2 diabetes. This way you can not only learn more about products like Diab-X, but you can learn more about what’s best for you specifically.

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  • 1

    Diab-x worked for me


  • 2

    Diab-x worked for me!


  • 3

    I would like to know if diab- x is a good product with a will known company. Plus, has there been any problems with the product. Thank you.


  • 4
    Jose T. Calderon

    My Brother from the states bought me three bottles of Diab-X, I have been using this tablet three times a day, I just started my first bottle, I want to see the result Thanks


  • 5

    I like to order Diab-X, but since July 8th 2010 no one has taken the truble to answer Paul’s quetion – so this makes it a little tricky!


  • 6
    paul di sivo

    do you need to take Diab-x the rest of your life, or you just take the remmedy until the sugar levels are normal.

    I been trying to contact someone by phone, but it seems that no one pick up the call.

    could you please read and reply.

    I would like to order the product once the question has been answered.




    Brendalee Parisian

    Would like to hear more answers on this product,RE: as questions asked.
    I have been a Diabetic for forty years, would like something to reduce my belly fat, and control blood sugars. I am a type 1 diabetic
    Will this product help????

    Thank you, Brendalee