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Naturally we all know by now that obesity is a major issue in today’s world. The problem is that so many people choose the wrong foods to consume regularly, and before you know it, they’re struggling with weight gain. On the plus side, there are so many potential solutions out there for weight loss. DiAfin is one weight management supplement that may be able to assist some dieters. This product was created by Unigen Pharmaceuticals. It essentially endeavors to manage blood sugar levels and improve fructose utilization. This may also prevent further weight gain.

Along the lines of many weight reduction supplements, DiAfin is directed to be taken twice each day (125mg each time). The official website does not disclose a price for DiAfin, but rather says it has two pending patents. This diet product is made with a proprietary blend, which includes Free-B-Ring Flavonoids and Flavans.” DiAfin is of plant origin and is claimed to be safe and non-toxic. Unlike some other products, this supplement is suitable for individuals fighting all kinds of obesity. Unfortunately there are no customer testimonials provided on the official website. However, there is a convenient 1-800 number posted for those that wish to purchase DiAfin, or simply have questions or concerns.


Not available on the official website.

Product Features

DiAfin is a diet product that’s claimed to aid men and women with weight reduction and maintenance. By incorporating key plant extracts such as Free-B-Ring Flavonoids and Flavans, this product may assist with stabilizing the user’s blood sugar levels and improving fructose utilization (possibly the way your body utilizes carbs and sugars as energy). Some clinical trials are addressed on the official website, and reveal that DiAfin was deemed safe in animal and human trials. It’s not stated whether or not this diet drug is sold with a money back guarantee. It doesn’t appear that any free trial samples of DiAfin are offered.

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  • DiAfin is made from all natural plant extracts, which many dieters seem to prefer these days.
  • There are clinical trials addressed on the official website that reveal DiAfin to be safe for humans and animals.


  • A full list of product ingredients is not posted on the official website, which may make it difficult for individuals with allergies.
  • It doesn’t look like DiAfin aids with thermogenesis.
  • There are no success stories or testimonials offered to support claims made about this supplement for weight loss.
  • The official website doesn’t actually show the product itself, nor does it provide a price.


In the end, DiAfin is a rather new product to the weight loss market. This may make some dieters turn the other cheek. Naturally it’s nice to see that there have been clinical studies performed on DiAfin, and the product is considered safe by some standards. However, the website lacks some crucial details, such as the price, a full ingredient list, testimonials from past or current users, as well as background information on the company that manufactures DiAfin supplements.

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