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What You Should Know

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Dianavar is available from a supplement company. This means any relationship between Dianavar and a real steroid is not true. Real steroids are not available from supplement companies. Though there are reports they are available online and commonly used by bodybuilders, supplement companies will not sell these supplements on websites a dieter can find with a simple Internet search.

Dianavar is marked as a supplement. The supplement is formulated by Extreme Performance Group. According to the product description, the supplement contains Superdrol, a prohormone, and branched chain amino acids. There is also a bit of algae thrown into the mix.

List of Ingredients

2a, 17a di-methyl etiocholan 3-one, 17b, BCAA and Spirulina.

Product Features

Let us first attack the BCAAs and Spirulina. BCAAs or branched chain amino acids are common in protein powders and bodybuilding supplements. These amino acids are used to promote lean muscle mass and protect the muscle during growth and exercise. Most bodybuilders regularly take a BCAA supplement.

Spirulina is an algae. It is rich in vitamins, protein and healthy fats, but it is not a bodybuilding ingredient or a weight loss ingredient. Spirulina is most commonly used in native cultures as a food product.

Now on to the Superdrol portion of the supplement. Superdrol is a pro-hormone. Pro-hormones support testosterone production and muscle growth, but Superdrol is methylated so it will affect liver function. Typically products like Dianavar must be cycled with a PCT and other supplements that protect liver function. It is not safe to take Dianavar for extended period of time without the risk of severe liver damage.

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  • Dianavar is a supplement, not a steroid.
  • May help boost muscle growth and lean muscle mass.
  • Contains BCAAs and Spirulina.


  • Products like Dianavar are not fully tested with human trials.
  • Methyl compounds affect liver function.
  • Should not be taken by bodybuilders with health conditions.
  • Must be cycled with a PCT.


Dianavar is not a weight loss supplement and it will not produce weight loss effects. The potential side effects of taking products like Dianavar include liver damage, so bodybuilders need to cycle on and off the supplement as directed on the bottle. Off cycle, the bodybuilder needs to take a PCT supplement to promote liver health. This supplement may not be fully tested in humans and thus there could be side effects not listed on the official website.

Dieters should stay away from prohormones. These supplements are not designed to increase metabolism or decrease hunger. Negative side effects far outweigh the benefits, especially if the supplement is taken for a longer period of time than suggested on the bottle. Dianavar could interfere with prescription medications.

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