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Diatroxal is a dietary supplement that was created by SyntraTech Corporation. This all natural caplet formula provides “clinical strength blood sugar support.” Like so many other supplements available at this time, Diatroxal doesn’t require a doctor’s prescription, and can be acquired directly through the official website for $59.95 (180 caplets). Individuals that may choose a product like this commonly suffer with weight gain and/or type 2 diabetes. There are no free trial samples of Diatroxal offered.

On the official website, Diatroxal is addressed as an “eleven ingredient formula” that has undergone significant research. The website discusses how there is currently no cure for type 2 diabetes, however, supplements like Diatroxal may assist with blood sugar regulation. There are some success stories provided on the website for this dietary supplement. Furthermore, a convenient query form is offered on the website for those who have questions and/or concerns about the product.


Garcinia Cambogia Extract, Gymnema Sylvestre Extract, Cinnamon Extract, Bitter Melon Extract, Betaine HCL, Banaba, Fenugreek, Vanadium, Chromium, Biotin USP, and Vitamin C.

Product Features

Diatroxal is a weight management supplement that may assist some men and women who are overweight or affected by type 2 diabetes. By managing/regulating blood sugar levels, the user’s overall health and weight are improved. There are some clinical studies provided on the official website that discuss how Diatroxal works and how effective it may be for some users. In regards to taking this supplement daily, it’s recommended that two caplets are taken at a time, along with a full glass of water (15 minutes prior to each major meal). As far as a refund for Diatroxal goes, there is nothing mentioned.

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  • Unlike many other dietary supplements, there is some clinical research presented on the official website for Diatroxal caplets.
  • This product may assist men and women with type 2 diabetes.


  • There are no free trial samples of Diatroxal attainable through the official website.
  • It doesn’t look like any kind of refund option is available with Diatroxal.
  • Unlike some other dietary supplements, this product is intended to be taken three times every day to successfully manage blood sugar levels.
  • It doesn’t appear that Diatroxal contains any key ingredients to aid with appetite suppression or calorie burning.


In the end, it’s refreshing to see a dietary supplement that can potentially assist type 2 diabetics with regulating their blood sugar levels. Also, the key active ingredients for this product are clearly disclosed on the website. Now, having said that, if you’re searching a supplement specifically to help with weight reduction, this may not be the one for the job. It’s certainly a good idea to speak with a doctor prior to using a supplement such as Diatroxal.

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    Diatroxal is the best product that I tried when I was diagnose with daibetes II it help me to control my blod sugra levels and my blood pressure reading were 128/80and my Blood/sugar level 98ml I recomend this product because is good


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    Where can I buy Diatroxal in Canada?