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DidRx is one of those products we feel comfortable telling dieters to stay away from at first glance. The ingredient list includes one ingredient that cannot be found on the Internet or in any source we could find. The listed ingredient is Sentribenzaline, but we have found this name to be non-existent outside of the DidRx website. Upon rigorous research, we did find a reference to Phentirimine as being the sole ingredient in DidRx, but that ingredient is also unknown.

List of Ingredients

Sentribenzaline or Phentirimine.

Product Features

There are websites and manufacturers out there just to make a dollar from the dieter and DidRx seems to be one of them. Phentirimine is an unknown ingredient that resembles Phentermine. Phentermine is a prescription weight loss medication that is solely available from a medical physician. DidRx is not a prescription medication, no matter how they misspell the name. As stated on the website, DidRx does not require a prescription and is thus a supplement and not a doctor-ordered medication.

The official website for DidRx offers no information on the supplement. Instead, there is a product order page with various package offers, including a recurring shipment plan at a $10 discount. No testimonials, no information on the ingredient and no customer service phone number could be found. A contact page is available, but there is no information on the company listed there either.

There are several warnings on the DidRx website written to resemble the same warnings given to patients taking prescription medications. We found it interesting that under the Side Effects portion of the website, dieters are told to contact a physician if any side effects are recognized, but no potential side effects are listed.

False statements, lack of information and leading statements are all published on the DidRx website. We suggest dieters never choose a supplement that refuses to divulge ingredients or uses false statements or leading statements to lure in dieters. There are proven weight loss supplements from companies a dieter can trust.

DidRx sells for $88.99 a bottle. Each bottle contains a 30-day supply of the supplement. Multiple bottles can be ordered for a reduced price.

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  • None.


  • No known ingredients.
  • Leading statements suggesting this product is a prescription medication.
  • Use of name similar to a prescription weight loss product.
  • No customer service information.
  • No company information.


We believe this product would be an unsafe choice for dieters. With tons of clinical research supporting healthy weight loss ingredients, there is no reason for a dieter to take a chance on one with no known ingredients. This could be a stimulant, fiber pill or placebo with no ingredients in it at all. The dieter would never know.

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