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The Diennet Diet is a program founded by Dr. Marcel Diennet, began in 1996 and launched online. This doctor’s first practice actually began in 1973 (Paris, France), and he established the Diennet Institute in Beverly Hills in 1981. This online method is a weight loss program for virtually anyone. The Diennet Diet is designed specifically to suit you as an individual. A questionnaire is filled out and you are given a personalized diet plan (can last for a minimum of three months).

When you become a member of this online diet program, you receive a weight tracking diary to note your progress, a database of diet recipes, before and after photos to track your progress, order streamlining, regular access to a medical expert, and a weekly diet menu sent to you by email. The Diennet Diet doesn’t merely address weight reduction or fat loss as a whole, but rather focuses on specific conditions like cellulite. Other conditions that are addressed on the Diennet Diet website are PMS and Menopause. New patients must provide a “valid doctor exam” and a “valid blood test.” There is a link on the website discussing common over-the-counter diet supplements, and how they may not work at all. However, there does appear to be a supplement formula incorporated into the Diennet Diet program to potentially assist with weight loss.


Not provided on the official website.

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The Diennet Diet is a weight reduction program that involves online counseling, as well as filling out a questionnaire regarding your body type and current condition. According to the official website, a personalized weight loss program is created for each individual that signs up for the Diennet Diet. Unlike many other weight management programs and supplements, this company endeavors to assist with issues like Menopause and PMS as well as fat reduction. If you take a look at the order page of the official website, you’ll quickly notice that the cost of the Diennet Diet is $540 for a three month treatment. This purchase includes a supplement as well, which is taken in doses of six capsules per day.

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  • The Diennet Diet weight loss program is suitable for anyone.
  • There are programs/products offered that assist with issues like PMS, Cellulite and Menopause.


  • There doesn’t appear to be before and after photos presented on the official website for the Diennet Diet.
  • The cost of this weight reduction program is a whopping $540 for a three month period, which may be too expensive for some dieters.
  • Full lists of ingredients for the dietary supplements offered through the Diennet Diet program are not revealed on the website.


Although the Diennet Diet apparently started several years back, some individuals may not find this weight loss program as suitable and effective for their needs. It’s a plus to see information posted on the website regarding the doctor who founded the Diennet Diet. Then again the actual price of this fat loss program may raise a few eyebrows at the cost of $540, which will not be conducive to some dieters’ bank accounts.

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    can you sh/ip to Quebec Canada


  • 2

    I’ve lost 13lbs in 3 weeks with no side effects! I love this product.


  • 3

    I did the Dienner plan 4 years ago and lost 60 pounds – my goal weight loos. I couldn’t afford to keep it up and graduallt gained back the 60 pounds, but I just didn’t try to keep it off. This was hands down the easiest weight loos I ever experienced – no bread, no sugar, but it takes away your craving for it so it was so not a problem.


  • 4

    Excellent program, I lost 20 pounds because of this diet, I loved it , very easy to follow. If I have to do it again I will definitely reorder Diennet weight loss program.


  • 5

    I gained 95 pounds with my first pregnancy and struggled to take off the weight. After my second child was born I again fought the battle, but this time I used the Diennet program, That was is 1994. I quickly lost the weight and over the last 17 years have been at about the same weight within a 10 pound range, I love these pills


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