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Once you begin looking for a way to lose weight it can be easy to become overwhelmed with all of the weight loss supplement options. Many guarantee they will increase your energy, help you burn fat, and reduce your appetite. Diet 360, on the other hand, offers a more unusual approach. Garden of Life is the company that makes the Diet 360 product. This is only one of the products the company makes for weight loss. The company offers a unique approach, instead of focusing on stimulants and hunger suppressants they try to affect other aspects that lead to weight gain. For example the ashwangandha extract is supposed to reduce the stress response in the body which can cause people to overeat. The bayberry bark and blueberry leaf are included to regulate sugar in the bloodstream. The theory is that by maintaining blood sugar levels one will have decreased fat cell production.


List of Ingredients


Diet 360 Holistic Weight Loss Blend 412 mg., Coconut Oil, Blueberry Leaf Extract, Slimpure Decaffeinated Green Cofffee Extract, Ashwagandha Root and Leaf Extract, Brown Seaweed Concentrate, Bayberry Bark Extract, and Cellulose.


Product Features


This product is supposed to boost metabolism and energy, support stable blood sugar, increase lean body mass, and reduce stress and cortisol. One capsule should be taken approximately twenty-five minutes before each of the three largest meals of the day. Each package contains ninety capsules, or enough for one month, for about $44 before tax and shipping.


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  • There are no stimulants in the product.
  • Coupons for the product are available from the manufacturer.




  • No money back guarantee.
  • The company offers no money back guarantee.
  • There are no clinical studies provided to support the effectiveness of this product.
  • The ingredients are listed as part of a proprietary blend making it impossible to ascertain the quantities used or determine how effective they may be.
  • No appetite suppressants included in the ingredients.




It is great that Diet 360 recognizes that there is no singular cause for weight gain nor is there a universal solution. They do promote a healthy diet and exercise regime, however, advice in these areas are not provided. They also have an unusual approach to weight loss that not many other companies promote, reducing stress and balancing blood sugar levels. While these are both admirable traits in a supplement, they are not necessarily the most effective methods by which a person can achieve weight loss. Combined with the relatively high price for the supplement, no clinical evidence of efficacy, and the fact that the company does not offer a money back guarantee it is difficult to see why one would chance their money and weight loss with this product.

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    vania kang

    how much of mg does green coffee bean is in diet 360


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    I have a bottle of Diet 360,which code numbers are:
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