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There are a lot of supplements and gimmicks out there today concerning weight loss. Naturally it’s wise to investigate a number of these in order to get an idea of what they do; or better yet, endeavor to do. While the market of diet pills and weight loss products is massive, there are some other tools that can aid men and women in the battle against the bulge. The Diet Calculator is one of these virtual tools and it can be found on websites like

To keep things simple, the Diet Calculator basically helps people with monitoring their diet and exercise regimen. The key is having “accurate biometric data.” This online tool can help with calculating your percent body fat, waist-to-height, body mass index, and lean body mass. This apparatus can assist you with estimating your daily calorie and protein needs. Essentially finding out the number of calories you need each day will determine how much food you should be eating. The Diet Calculator can also help you find out how much exercise is required for you to shed the desired amount of weight. The usage of this online apparatus appears to be free.

Product Features

The Diet Calculator is a virtual tool that helps dieters calculate things like their height, weight, neck, waist, hips, and level of activity. For English users, being by punching in the weight in pounds, height in feet and inches, as well as the other measurements in inches. There are graphs and charts offered with the Diet Calculator online that disclose how much you should weigh for your height, build, age and sex. Although your percent body fat may vary, there are different levels (percentages) that apply to the shape you’re in. Finally, there is a discussion of nutritional facts and how they’re applied to different foods.

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  • The Diet Calculator is free for anyone to utilize online, as long as you have web access.
  • Regular exercise and a healthy meal plan are recommended.
  • There are no potentially harmful diet drugs involved with the usage of the Diet Calculator.


  • Although the Diet Calculator appears helpful, some individuals may merely see it as a tool to assess your body type or fat percentage.
  • There are no appetite suppressing supplements involved with the Diet Calculator.
  • Some users may not be able to take advantage of this online apparatus, since the site only appears in English.
  • Fat burning pills are not incorporated with this tool.


After really reviewing one website that provides the Diet Calculator, it’s clear that this is a virtual tool that’s offered to assist women and men with their diet and fitness program. It essentially allows them to punch in their stats and get an idea of what they need to do to get where they need to be. In the end, you will probably want to have a particular weight loss and exercise program going, because the Diet Calculator is not meant to assist you physically with fat reduction. It’s simply more like a guide or reference tool.

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