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The official website for Dieters Cheating Caps says that it contains three non-stimulant but still-potent ingredients. The website says that these ingredients will block carbohydrates and suppress your appetite. They further tell us that the results of these ingredients combined, in terms of weight loss, is dramatic. These weight loss supplements have been given the name, Dieters Cheating Caps, since they have been specifically designed for lazy dieters who tend to cheat on their diet.


The ingredients in Dieters Cheaters Caps consist of Glucomannan, Chitosan and White Kidney Bean Extract.

Product Features

The manufacturers of Dieters Cheating Caps claim that this weight loss supplement allows you to consume food such as pasta, cakes and pastries which are normally forbidden in a diet, and yet still lose weight. They tell us that White Kidney Bean Extract, which is present in Dieters Cheating Caps, will prevent the body from absorbing unwanted starch. White Kidney Bean Extract is becoming an increasingly popular ingredient in weight loss products on the market today. The official website for Dieters Cheating Caps says that the Chitosan in the product is a marine creature-based fibre that binds with saturated fats, ensuring that when we eat food that contains saturated fat it is not stored in the body as fat. Glucomannan, which is also present in Dieters Cheating Caps, is derived from the root of the Kojac plant and aborbs water in the body to form a gel like mass in the belly that mimics a feeling of fullness. All of the ingredients in Dieters Cheating Caps are ingredients that are commonly found in other weight loss ingredients on the market, yet the manufacturers of Dieters Cheating Caps do not present any evidence to show what actually distinguishes their product from others available. Dieters Cheating Caps can be ordered directly from the official website and costs $23.97 for one bottle. The website also has a promotion running that if you order three bottles you will get one free. There is also a money back guarantee.

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  • There is an official website offering discounts for bulk orders.
  • There is a money back guarantee.
  • Dieters Cheating Caps can be ordered directly from the official website.


  • Dieters Cheating Caps are not the only product on the market that features Glucomannan, and White Kidney Bean Extract.
  • Doctors are cautious about the long-term use of appetite suppressants since there are fears that users may lose out on healthy nutrition.
  • Diet experts say that more research needs to be done on Glucomannan and that some manufacturers are making wide sweeping claims for the weight loss properties of this ingredient which simply are not true.
  • Some critics fear that the manufacturers of Dieters Cheating Caps are promoting a diet which includes pastries and doughnuts.
  • Chitosan is not suitable for anyone suffering from shellfish allergies.


At the end of the day we simply do not have any evidence that Dieters Cheating Caps are the answer. Their product descriptions seem to encourage unhealthy binge eating, implying that users can consume sweets and fatty foods and still experience dramatic weight loss. This just sounds too good to be true, even if we wish it were.

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6 User Reviews about Diet Cheating Caps

  • 1
    abi smith

    how many times a day do i take the tablets?



    Not a good product


  • 2

    I have been taking these for almost 2 weeks… I seem to need a poo after every meal and I feel tired and lathargic constantly



    just asking does it inruppt everyday life and did you loose any weight


  • 3

    i tried to use cheating caps and it really works and effective because it helps loss my weight and also boost my energy.


    denise chartier

    how many do you take 1 or 3 before meals