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The Diet Denominator: Fill Your Tank for Less is a book written by Frank Bottone. He is a licensed nutritionist and developed this plan based on volumetrics, or eating a diet high in nutrient dense foods, in place of a diet high in energy dense foods to not only help you lose weight, but to improve your health and make you feel better overall.

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The Diet Denominatoruses the premise of eating healthier foods, so you can still eat the same amount of food you are used to in terms of volume, but you are not consuming as many calories, and can therefore lose weight. A lot of our problem when it comes to eating, is piling more on our plate to please our eyes, so when we follow a diet and see less food, we have a tendency to feel deprived. Feelings of deprivation are a main reason why many people give up their diets and go back to their old habits, so if you can nip the deprivation factor in the bud, then you have a better chance of success. To make things easier on the dieter, foods are given a rating from 0 to 9 based on their energy versus nutrient density. Foods with a high number, such as butter coming in at 9, are energy dense, where something like water is at 0. To lose weight, Bottone recommends eating foods that are 2.5 or less on this scale, and most of the foods in your grocery store are at this rating. If you have to deviate from this plan, try eating a food that is no higher than a 3 to avoid a lot of damage to your diet. Recommended foods on this diet include things such as: tuna, instant pudding, oatmeal, brown rice, pasta, low fat yogurt, low fat yogurt, and cottage cheese.

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  • The Diet Denominator was developed by a professional.
  • The diet is not highly restrictive.


  • The Diet Denominator does not promote exercise.
  • This program promotes eating fast food.
  • A meal plan and recipes are not provided.
  • A significant amount of time must be invested in meal planning.
  • A stronger emphasis is placed on volumetrics, rather than how much nutrition the food provides.
  • This does not address any of the psychological issues associated with weight.


The Diet Denominator seems like a good approach, but when you take a closer look and realize that the volumetrics of a food becomes more important than the nutrition in a food, it could cause you to lose weight but deprive your body of vital nutrients. When this happens, you won’t feel good, you may get sick, and the weight could easily be regained. You are better off following a healthier diet with reduced caloric intake, with a balance of proteins, carbs, and produce, with a regular exercise program to create a caloric deficit for slow and steady weight loss over time. A weight loss supplement can help increase your efforts.

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    Great book, easy to read and understand. Better than diet supplements.