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Diet Designs is a diet plan with an optional meal delivery component developed by Hollywood nutritionist Carrie Wiatt. This meal program allows for people to either have fresh meals delivered directly to their door, or for the participant to make the meals on their own by following the recipes. We will take a closer look at this meal plan to determine if it is a feasible way for you to work toward your weight loss goals.

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Diet Designs works by using mostly low calorie high nutrient density foods. The meals and snacks are spaced evenly throughout the day to keep the blood sugar levels stable, which helps prevent hunger and cravings. Your plan is customized based on the results of an assessment you take at the beginning of the program. The plan is a balance of 50 to 60% carbohydrates, 20 to 25% fat, and 20 to 25% protein. A multi-vitamin supplement of sorts is also included in the plan that features antioxidants, phytochemicals, vitamins and minerals to ensure you stay nutritionally balanced while helping to improve your energy levels and your health overall. This program promotes healthy weight loss, at a rate of one to two pounds per week. All you have to do to follow this program is buy the food or prepare the meals, and go to the gym. The Diet Designs Fresh program is the meal delivery program, which allows you to have a full week’s meals delivered to your door. If you do not want all three meals per day delivered, you also have the option to get lunch only, or lunch and dinner only. There are various plans available to accommodate any lifestyle. There are exercise plans every week, structured to become progressively more difficult and intense so your body stays challenged as it gets used to the activity. The plans include full body conditioning, cardio, strength training, and a mixture of them all.

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  • Diet Designs meal delivery plan is optional.
  • A fitness program is provided.
  • This program is available nationwide.


  • Diet Designs is an expensive program.
  • The meal delivery program does not teach people how to prepare their own healthy meals.
  • This program may not give you a long term weight loss solution.
  • There are quite a few recipes that are not vegetarian-friendly.


Diet Designs has a good foundation, but for most individuals is too far out of budget range to make it attainable. At $385 for a full seven day plan for an individual or $435 for a full week plan for a couple, this requires you to spend nearly $1600 a month on food. It is better to combine your own reduced calorie nutritionally balanced meals with exercise either in a gym or at home and use a clinically proven weight loss supplement to produce your weight loss results at a greatly reduced cost.

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