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Fortunately for dieters, there is endless information provided to assist with weight reduction and daily weight management. Needless to say, many people require this assistance these days. This is where the Diet Detective website comes into play. At the top of this site, you’ll notice the phrase “nutrition, fitness, food, diet, wellness.” Basically this is what this website offers everyone. Founded by one Charles Stuart Platkin, JD, MPH, the Diet Detective site aims to help men and women find the right foods, workout programs, and healthy lifestyles they need.

The main categories at the heading of the Diet Detective website range from Nutrition Counseling, to Health Tools, to Food Search, to FoodTee Market, to Blogs, to Newsletter, to Community. Furthermore, there are a number of “Healthy Living Channels” addressed on the website. Some of the sub-headings for these are Calorie Bargains, Nutrition & Health, Food & Eating, Snow Sports, Golf & Tennis, Yoga & Mind-Body, as well as Healthy Recipes & Cooking. Under the Healthy Living Tools feature, you’ll discover a Calorie Calculator, Food Lists, a Body Mass Index tool and more. There are even some dieting/weight management books recommended. It doesn’t appear that the Diet Detective website costs anything to utilize. There is a free newsletter that can be received regularly, and forums that allow dieters to converse regularly.

Product Features

The Diet Detective website is a helpful site loaded with information on anything form diet books, to weight loss plans, to supplement formulas, to cooking recipes, to fitness regimens, to weight reduction calculators and more. There are no specific diet plans or weight loss pills involved with the Diet Detective, since it’s actually not a program in itself, but rather more of a tool that can be utilized by women and men who’re trying to shed excess body fat. Numerous testimonials are posted on the official website, along with several advertisements for a variety of weight loss products. Members must sign up and do require a user name and password.

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  • There are convenient community forums offered on the Diet Detective website, which some dieters may enjoy.
  • Virtually anyone can sign up with the Diet Detective site.


  • There are no specific weight loss programs involved with the Diet Detective.
  • No convenient appetite suppressants or diet pills are involved with this site.
  • Some individuals may be search for a more convenient method of weight reduction.
  • Diet Detective is really just an informative site, rather than an actual weight loss pill or diet program.


All in all, the Diet Detective website is really more of an information site, than anything else. Since there is no actual individual dieting plan or weight loss pill involved with the Diet Detective website, users must simply read and make their own deductions about what works and what does not. Therefore, you may want to look further into the weight loss and management market prior to actually selecting a product or program for yourself.

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