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Diet Dots are a weight loss supplement that is tiny and tasty. Unlike other supplements, these Diet Dots are to be chewed and not swallowed hole. Dieters are supposed to chew the dots three times a day, with three dots being one serving. The product description on the official website claims dieters need to take the Diet Dots for at least eight weeks and choose a reduced calorie diet and exercise plan to optimize results. We were hoping the ingredient list would be spectacular, because Diet Dots offers a unique name and delivery method. Unfortunately, the ingredients are not proven nor effective at curbing hunger as claimed.

List of Ingredients

Vitamin B12, Acai Extract and Citrus Aurantium.

Product Features

Diet Dots claims to help the dieter curb hunger and exercise with a healthy boost of energy. The healthy boosst may not be as healthy as Diet Dots would like the dieter to believe. The energy boost comes from Citrus Aurantium or synephrine. This ingredient can be listed by other names as well including Bitter Orange and Bitter Orange Extract. No matter how many names manufacturers give synephrine, it has the same effect on the body. Increased energy is one side effect, but so is increased heart rate and blood pressure for some dieters.

Many times, weight loss products will list supportive clinical trials to back weight loss claims. In the case of synephrine or Citrus Aurantium used in Diet Dots, that is not the case because synephrine may cause more harm than good. Studies have linked synephrine to vasoplasm, stroke, ventricular fibrillation and myocardial infarction. Those are the studies weight loss companies do not want dieters to find. There are also no known studies supporting weight loss claims associated with synephrine.

Vitamin B12 is a harmless ingredient that may naturally boost energy, but the effect is short-lived as Vitamin B12 is flushed from the body within a short period. The final ingredient, acai berry, is linked to detox supplements and anti-oxidants. Acai berry is a strong anti-oxidant, which makes it a wonderful addition to any weight loss or healthy dieting plan, but there are no known weight loss benefits associated with the ingredient.

Diet Dots sell for $10 per 300 tablets. This supply will last 33 days when taken as directed. That makes Diet Dots one of the least expensive weight loss products on the market, but the formula is also one of the least effective.

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  • Diet Dots are inexpensive.


  • The ingredients are not the most effective.
  • Clinical studies link synephrine to a variety of negative health effects.


The main ingredient in Diet Dots is synephrine. For the dieter, taking synephrine is like risking heart related side effects for a chance at weight loss; a chance that has not been proven. Diet Dots will not decrease appetite because there are no appetite suppressants in the formula despite website claims of curbing hunger.

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14 User Reviews about Diet Dots

  • 1

    My wife is in denial she drinking heavy and taking diet dot for the last 2 years. Was 130 pounds now skin and bones at 98 pounds. My daughter just found 5box and we all know they are hers. She turns into a monster and doesn’t remember anything in the morning like nothing happen. She killing her self. I never seen her this bad. Someone help me.


  • 2

    I was in my home country and came back to America to see my wife who weighed 130 and now 98. I just found out that she’s been taking diet dot and drinking heavy. She turns into a monster and is uncontrollable it scaring our whole family. She in denial and says the pills are notnot hers. They are hers and she never eats. Tells me


  • 3

    Hi, I’m 15 years old and having trouble losing about 30 lbs. I took my first 3 tablets this morning. Are these pills bad for me??


    Your Name

    no! I’ve had good results with not being hungry all the time .


  • 4

    Would these diet dots be okay if my 180lbs. 13 year old took then or would it be bad for her?


  • 5

    I feel energized. And can feel my heart beating more than usual. I did experience a headache,but that could have been from a number of things. I have 80lbs to loose. I’ve been clean from meth 2 years now, and my eating is outta control, Meaning portions are way to big. I guess food is my new drug.



    I’ve been on the product for 12 weeks and I’ve lost already 20 lbs being on this product. Iv’e been feeling less hunger and eating less and as for my energy it has improved quite well. The product to me doesn’t seem to have any side effects like some other products. To let everyone know I’ve noticed the change in my body and in my self by the first week of being on the Diet Dots product and I will continue until I reach the weight goal that I’m planing for my self.


  • 6

    This is my first day taking diet dots. I like the price and would like to lose about 25-30lbs. So far I seem to have more energy but it isnt supressing my hunger.


  • 7

    This is my second day taking these and I feel great! I have tons of energy-yet it’s not ‘nervous energy’! I feel full and I’ve eaten much smaller portions.


  • 8

    I just started this pills & as the first day I felt with lots of energy.. I would like to lose about 80 pounds


  • 9
    Jason roberts

    It makes me full. It works well.


  • 10

    Hi I am on 5mg of Predazone and I was wondering if I can take the diet Dots. It looks like there is nnot anything in them than cam hurt me. I need to lose some weight have gained 15 pounds since I have been on the predasone. I began with 10 now I am down to 5mg. Thanks so Much. NormaJean


  • 11

    Just started them 3 days ago but so far so good. Not hungry, happier, not a lot of energy but since I’m happier I feel like doing more. My 16 yr old daughter is over 300 pounds they are helping her ALOT!!! But anyways what I need to know is….can they be swallowed or must they be chewed???



    how much has ur daughter lost, im her age and have been trying to lose weight for a while