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Diet Facts is a website that endeavors to assist men and women with healthy weight reduction and management. The slogan at the top of the website is “look before you eat!” Basically this website works as a guide for dieters. It offers links like Restaurants, Brands, Shop, and Message Board. The key is getting the education you need for shedding those unwanted fat pounds. Although there is no charge for utilizing the Diet Facts website, there are ads placed all over the site, which is likely where they make their money.

Okay, if you’re a little confused as to what Diet Facts actually offers men and women, let’s clear it up a bit. Take the restaurants link for instance. Under this link, you can attain an alphabetical list of 497 restaurants and eateries. This way when you click on a particular restaurant name you’re interested in, they will list out the food items and dishes they sell. At this point you simply click on the dish you’re would like to eat and this displays the nutritional facts about the dish or food item. You can check out the fat content, sodium levels, grams of sugar and even cholesterol it contains. Naturally this is useful if you’re trying to keep track of your daily calorie intake. Dietary supplement brands are another part of the Diet Facts website that allows users to see what’s offered in the products, and how much they sell for.

Product Features

Diet Facts is a website that places a focus on knowledge for weight reduction. While you can closely examine foods and dishes from the restaurants of your choice via this website, you can also use the search apparatus to seek out particular titles, foods and eatery names. Although the Diet Facts site doesn’t offer fitness tools or workout equipment, it does provide users with the information they need to get a grasp on what dishes and food items contain loads of calories, sugars and fat. Better understanding this can aid some individuals in the weight loss process.

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  • The official website offers a lot of data on foods, and the information is free.
  • There is a convenient search tool provided on the website that makes it easy to navigate.


  • There are no fitness tools offered through the Diet Facts website to aid with daily exercise.
  • There are a lot of ads on the official website, which some users may find distracting at times.
  • No particular weight loss supplement is offered via this website to aid with appetite suppression and/or fat burning.


The official Diet Facts website it rather unique and may be very useful to some individuals. After all, it does provide a great deal of information on nearly 500 different restaurants and eateries, which some dieters may find helpful when seeking out different entr

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