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Welcome to the wide and wonderful world of potential weight loss solutions, diet programs and fat loss supplements. At this point, you’ll encounter all sorts of regimens, pills, fitness tools, recipes, and books that can possibly assist you with healthy weight reduction. One book that’s sold online and in bookstores is titled “Diet for a New America.” This text was written by John Robbins, who is a medical director. He runs the California Institute for Health and Healing. It can be purchased in paperback form (448 pages) for $15.95 through

Some of the issues addressed in the Diet for a New America book are what Americans eat and how animals are treated. Apparently there is a great deal of focus on meat products, how animals are potentially tortured, and how they’re executed for meat processing. After reviewing the synopsis of this text, as well as numerous reviews and comments left by readers, it’s fairly clear that the Diet for a New America involves vegetarianism and avoiding high protein diet plans. While there is nothing wrong with being a vegetarian (individuals that do not consume meat, but may eat certain animal products and even fish sometimes) or vegan (someone who does not eat or use any animal products), it appears that this book may be a little on the biased side when it comes to what should be consumed in order to achieve great health.

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The Diet for a New America text is essentially a book that discusses the food Americans consume now days and what may be dangerous/unhealthy about them. Since there is a great deal of focus on meat plants and ranchers, eating dairy products and meat is discouraged in this diet plan book. Naturally the Diet for a New America plan is geared more toward vegans or those that are considering a new way of eating. Fortunately there are a number of reviews offered online by individuals who’ve read the book. However, many of them appear to be a little on the biased side, which may deter some individuals. It’s unclear whether or not this book will really aid with significant weight loss.

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  • The Diet for a New America may help some individuals with learning more about what they’re eating on a regular basis.
  • There are no potentially harmful weight loss pills involved with the Diet for a New America.


  • The Diet for a New America is only a book, and therefore no appetite suppressants or fat burning supplements are involved.
  • This particular text may come across as opinionated to some readers that enjoy meat and dairy products.
  • It may be difficult to discern how the Diet for a New America book will actually aid with weight loss.


This book is more of an eye-opener when it comes to American eating habits. Naturally Americans consume a significant amount of meat and dairy, which some believe is harmful for your health. However, even though this book encourages a more vegan lifestyle, this doesn’t necessarily mean that it will successfully assist with weight reduction.

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    what about the DVD by the same name? where to get one and how much?