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Diet Fuel Review - Does This Weight Loss Supplement Really Work? Are fad diet ingredients and customer complaints deal breakers?

Editor's Review: 2.8 / 5.0

diet-fuel-product-imageThere’s been a great deal of discussion about Diet Fuel advanced thermogenic, so we conducted a detailed review, examining the ingredients, side effects, overall customer service and clinical studies. Plus we sorted through countless user reviews and dieter responses posted online. Finally, we summarized all the facts to give you the most important information.

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What You Need To Know

Diet Fuel is available online for $42.99 (90 capsules). It is touted as an “advanced thermogenic.” This supplement is part of the pro series available from TwinLab. It’s directed to be taken daily, 1-2 capsules. As for what it does, Diet Fuel aims to burn off fat, suppress appetite, boost energy levels and increase thermogenesis. This product contains the following ingredients; Green Tea Leaf, Raspberry Ketones, Caffeine Anhydrous, Guggulsterones, Green Coffee, Kelp, Dendrobium Noble Stem Extract, Fucus Nodosus, Capsimax, Citrus Aurantium, Dulse Powder, Nettle Root, Bioperine, Diiodotyrosine and Brassica Campestris Root Extract.

TwinLab was founded in 1968, and it appears that Diet Fuel was initially released in 2013. This supplement can be used by women and men alike. Moreover, this diet aid contains some natural ingredients and is available at discounted rates through online stores, but read on…

Fad Diet Ingredients

“While examining the complete ingredient label for Diet Fuel, we noticed that this weight loss aid contains fad diet ingredients such as Raspberry Ketones and Green Coffee, which have not been clinically proven to assist with fat loss,” said our research editor.

One customer said, “Slight boost in energy, nothing special.”

Another stated, “Did absolutely nothing for weight loss. Not buying again!”

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Customer Complaints – Another Concern

There are definitely a number of customer complains regarding Diet Fuel. In fact, one user said, “Not for me. Made me vomit and break out. I threw them away.”

Another complained, “It did not work for me because it made me feel like I was under the influence of speed. It was way too intense and made me sick to my stomach a lot of the time.”

Our research has shown that if a specific facet of a weight loss pill or diet program is especially burdensome (pills that cause side effects, too many customer complaints, fad diet ingredients) the probability of successful weight loss for the long-term is pretty low. So, if Diet Fuel does lead to a lot of customer complaints, this could be problematic.

The Science

We couldn’t find any documented scientific studies supporting Diet Fuel as an effective weight loss product. We at DietSpotlight have to see published clinical research supporting the diet product and its ingredients. Unfortunately there is nothing supporting the weight loss claims made about Diet Fuel.

The Bottom Line

It’s always nice to see a weight loss product that uses natural ingredients, but we do not encourage you to use Diet Fuel. Aside from the fact that this supplement is not supported by clinical studies, it appears to have been discontinued as well. Also, there are some dangerous ingredients found in Diet Fuel, such as Synephrine, which has been shown to raise blood pressure and increase heart rate.

If you’d really like to shed more pounds and slim down quickly, we encourage you to choose a diet supplement that is easy on the wallet and contains ingredients that are supported by clinical studies.

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What You Should Know

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It is prudent to investigate any diet product prior to taking it for weight reduction purposes, or any other reason. One issue that constantly arises is ingredient safety. If you are not aware of Ephedra (also called Ephedrine), then you should know that it is not legal in the US. Therefore you do not want a diet product containing this substance. One weight loss product that we are going to scrutinize at this point is Diet Fuel by TwinLab. How would you like to have more energy, lose unwanted pounds, and feel great? This is what Diet Fuel is supposed to do for users. It contains the ingredient Green Tea Extract, just like many other weight loss products nowadays. This is a form of caffeine, which is claimed to boost energy levels. However, you should know that caffeine is a diuretic that pulls water off of the body.

List of Ingredients

Guarana Seed Extract 800mg, Thermogenic Energy Enhanced Complex 685mg, Citrus Aurantium Fruit Extract, St John’s Wort Extract, L Phenylalanine, Green Tea Leaf Extract, Quercetin, Citrus Bioflavonoid Complex, Ginger Root, Cayenne Fruit, Gelatin, Purified Water, MCT Silica, and Magnesium Stearate.

Product Features

Diet Fuel is one of the several dietary supplements offered by TwinLab. This product in particular is supposed to aid users with weight reduction. It sells for a retail price of $39, which amounts to 120 capsules. Along the lines of many other weight loss formulas available, this supplement is to be taken prior to each major meal of the day. While two capsules should be taken each time, the user should not exceed six capsules of Diet Fuel in one day. There are a number of warnings that should be examined prior to taking this weight loss formula. Some health concerns that restrict certain individuals from taking Diet Fuel are as follows; liver disease, thyroid problems, pernicious anemia, depression, nervousness, prostate enlargement, and diabetes. Women who are nursing or pregnant cannot take this diet product. There are not many reviews presented online for Diet Fuel capsules, and some of them are not positive.

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  • A full list of ingredients are presented for this weight loss supplement.
  • It is easy to find Diet Fuel on sites like drugstore.com.


  • There is no scientific research presented to support Diet Fuel.
  • This weight loss formula has a lot of warnings, which may turn some dieters away.
  • Some of the reviews for Diet Fuel are not positive.


When all is said and done, there is really not a lot supporting Diet Fuel as a stellar and effective weight loss product. First of all, some reviews posted online for this supplement are negative, which is something to keep in mind. Secondly, Diet Fuel contains caffeine, which is a known diuretic that may lead to nervousness and jitters. Be sure to compare Diet Fuel to some other weight loss products before choosing to buy it.
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