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If you are not keen on taking diet pills, there are alternative products to consider for fat loss and weight management. Aside from the countless powders and liquids, there are also tea formulas that may help with weight reduction. So, if you like drinking tea on a daily basis, then some of these products may be beneficial to your weight loss goals. We are going to examine one diet tea in particular, which is Diet Ginseng Slim Tea. You can find it on distributor websites like Amazon for $12 (18 tea bags). It is advertised as a “special pure herbal tea.”


  • Korean Ginseng Leaves
  • Malva Verticellata (Chinese Mallow)
  • Cassia Angustifolia (Senna)

Product Features

Diet Ginseng Slim Tea is a 100 percent natural formula that is free of additives and artificial substances. It is touted as a dieter’s energy drink, and is claimed to help with weight loss. However, this tea does not contain any caffeine. It comes from the Republic of Korea, and is described as soothing and relaxing. Diet Ginseng Slim Tea is intended to be consumed at least once each day. You will likely experience more frequent bowel movements and urination when using this diet tea. There is no special diet plan or workout program mentioned with this product.

Only three ingredients are used in Diet Ginseng Slim Tea, and these are Korean Ginseng Leaves, Chinese Mallow, and Senna Leaves. The most noticeable ingredient is Senna Leaves, which essentially works like a laxative. Therefore you can expect this tea to make you have to use the bathroom more frequently. Some customers complained that Diet Ginseng Slim Tea caused severe abdominal cramping. As far as proven fat loss ingredients are concerned, there are none used in this diet tea.

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  • This tea is 100 percent natural, and does not contain any additives.
  • Diet Ginseng Slim Tea may help you flush out toxins and impurities.


  • One customer complained of side effects from this herbal tea.
  • There are several similar weight loss teas available online as well.
  • This tea lacks proven ingredients for fat loss and appetite suppression.


If you do not like waking up in the middle of the night with abdominal cramping, then you may want to avoid products like Diet Ginseng Slim Tea. The Senna Leaves in this product will likely cause a laxative effect, and this can be uncomfortable. On a separate note, this diet tea does not contain any proven ingredients for fat reduction. The weight you lose when drinking this tea is basically just waste and water weight. Diet Ginseng Slim Tea is unlikely to help at all with long-term weight loss.

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    Lorena G. Adarme

    I’ve never been try the diet ginseng slim tea but I want to try it.


  • 2
    Annette Rivers

    I need to lose about40 p so I am trying Ginseng slim do you thank it will work for me?



    This tea works really good. I’ve Alyways suffered from constipation but now that I drink this tea every night I feel great. I also take some diet pills called Citrus fit. And lost 15 pounds in 1 month.


  • 3

    I have brought the tea but i been kind of scared to take it because of the cramps do u cramp up all the time of what


    Your Name

    Please how do I get ginseng slimming tea


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