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One thing that’s for certain about today’s weight loss market is the diverse selection of products and supplements at your disposal. There are endless weight loss pills, supplement bars, fat reduction programs, appetite suppressants and books at your fingertips. Let’s take a look at the Diet Handbook. This is a text that sells online through some websites for $38. While there doesn’t appear to be any official website for this book, it is claimed that users are able to shed up to nine pounds of unwanted body fat within an eleven day time span.

It’s important to understand that the Diet Handbook is different from many other weight reduction programs that involve appetite suppressants, fat burning pills and specific food restrictions. With this program, users are able to continue consuming the foods they enjoy, but while dropping excess body weight in the process. Apparently the founders of the Diet Handbook are not convinced that real weight loss comes from minimizing the amount of fat, sugar, carbohydrates and calories that are consumed. Unfortunately it’s unclear how users are expected to discard the excess weight while using the Diet Handbook. There doesn’t appear to be a satisfaction guarantee offered with this text.

Product Features

The Diet Handbook is one of many texts that are claimed to offer the secrets to dropping unwanted body fat. Although there is no official website that emerges for this fat reduction book, it is available online and discussed on some websites. Basically, the Diet Handbook provides a way for men and women to shed excess body weight, while continuing to consume the cuisine they enjoy. This program is claimed not to be a typical fad diet or brief weight loss plan that fails to last the test of time. It doesn’t look like any supplement foods, fitness equipment or diet pills are involved with the Diet Handbook program.

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  • No potentially harmful diet pills are incorporated into this program.
  • Individuals of all ages can utilize this book for weight loss.


  • There are no calorie burning pills or appetite suppressants involved with the Diet Handbook.
  • There is no official website provided for this product.
  • It’s unclear how the Diet Handbook assists with healthy weight loss.
  • There are no positive reviews or customer testimonials provided for this product.
  • This weight loss book fails to come with a money back guarantee.


The Diet Handbook doesn’t come across in the most convincing manner online. This is basically due to the notion that there is no official website for this product, nor is there a money back guarantee provided with this product. Moreover, the Diet Handbook is not really explained in detail. For example, it’s difficult to determine how this product can really assist with actual weight reduction. Especially since nothing is provided on an official website to support how this text aids in the fat loss process. Therefore you may want to search through a number of supplements, programs and diet plans before merely choosing the Diet Handbook.

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4 User Reviews about Diet Handbook

  • 1
    kathryn murdock

    i paid for the diet handbook but can’t get my download page and don’t have my receit so i don’t have an order number.



    I couldn’t access my download page either after 4 years. I supplied as much info as I could to them. First, last name. Last 4 numbers of cc used and type of card, state and country. I got a response in a couple of hours and a new link. Awesome service. This program works for me. And true to their word “no more charges EVER”. I hope this helps. Good luck.


  • 2

    How much is the diet. And would like more info. about it. Thanks


  • 3
    Wes Nott

    It works find until you go on your 3 free days after 11 diet days.Then you gain back 4-5 lbs.After 3 1/2 mos I have lost 17 lbs.Diddo for my wife (15 lbs).We seem to be at a standstill for the last mo.Is this diet worth keeping?
    Wes Nott