Diet Lean Low Carb Dieter Review

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One aspect of finding the right diet product or weight loss supplement involves research. You have to keep in mind that there are infinite pills, programs and fat loss plans at your disposal. It’s crucial to take a moment and ponder what it is you really prefer to assist you with healthy weight reduction. At this time, we’ll take a look at the Diet Lean Low Carb Dieter’s Shake. This is essentially a low carb shake mix that comes in flavors like vanilla. It sells online through websites such as for $26, however, there doesn’t appear to be an official website for this supplement formula.

When you choose to purchase Diet Lean Low Carb Dieter’s Shake, you get a case of three 9.5 ounce canisters. Online this powder product is stated to contain “half of the carbohydrates of most other leading brands.” Probably the major component incorporated into this product is Protein (17 grams per serving). Furthermore, this shake supplement only contains one net carb. There is no saturated fat in the Diet Lean Low Carb Dieter’s Shake supplement. Basically this shake is intended as a meal replacement, which allows people to consume fewer calories in the duration of a day. In addition to protein, the shake powder is infused with vitamins and minerals.


Not available on an official website.

Product Features

The Diet Lean Low Carb Dieter’s Shake is geared toward virtually any dieters, regardless of how much they’re attempting to lose, or whether or not they’re male or female. While some supplements aim to suppress the user’s appetite and burn away calories and/or fat, this powder formula endeavors to assist with reduced calorie intake, in addition to supplying significant amounts of protein for lean muscle mass. There doesn’t appear to be any clinical evidence or customer testimonials presented where this shake is sold. As far as a money back guarantee goes, there is none provided at this time.

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  • At this time the Diet Lean Low Carb Dieter’s Shake is easy to purchase through websites like
  • This supplement formula doesn’t appear to contain any harmful active ingredients like caffeine or Ephedra.


  • There are no appetite suppressing ingredients found in this powder product.
  • The only key ingredient found in the Diet Lean Low Carb Dieter’s Shake is protein.
  • A full list of ingredients for this shake supplement is not provided where it’s sold.
  • There doesn’t seem to be an official website for the Diet Lean Low Carb Dieter’s Shake.
  • This meal supplement shake doesn’t endeavor to burn off calories or fat to assist with weight loss.


When it comes to weight loss products and diet drugs, the Diet Lean Low Carb Dieter’s Shake would fall into the category of meal replacement supplements. While this powder doesn’t aim to aid with appetite suppression or calorie burning, it is an alternative to a more fattening or more calorie rich meal. In the end, the user may be able to shed excess body fat simply by consuming fewer calories overall. However, it’s wise to fully scrutinize the weight loss supplement market before choosing a product like this.

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