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The Diet Mate is an electronic handheld device that’s claimed to assist men and women with weight loss. Not only does this tool focus on fat reduction, but it’s additionally suited for those that suffer with hypertension and/or high cholesterol levels. It appears to be manufactured by PICS Inc. Unlike many common dietary supplements available these days, the Diet Mate actually aims to guide the user through a weight loss program that’s claimed to be proven. This device does this by assisting the user with developing a personalized fat loss plan. Once the plan is created, dieters are offered meal choices The Diet Mate then proceeds to track the user’s progress automatically.

Those that acquire the Diet Mate basically get a small computer, a startup guide, a program guide, a cookbook, a videotape, a leather carrying case, as well as toll-free support. The compact computer device creates grocery shopping lists. The official website touts the Diet Mate as the “only complete diet and exercise program that fits in the palm of your hand.” Although this device comes with a 30 day money back guarantee, it’s important to notice that there are three separate compact computers; one with a weight loss program, one for hypertension control, and one for cholesterol control. Each Diet Mate sells for $97.50 via the official website.

Product Features

The Diet Mate is basically a handheld weight loss tool that can assist virtually anyone with fat reduction. The official website claims it to be “easy to use, convenient, personalized and complete.” As opposed to suppressing appetite, burning fat or aiding with calorie loss, this contemporary device is more of a small computer to help the dieter keep track of things better. Naturally there is a change in lifestyle that goes along with utilizing the Diet Mate, which involves a change in eating and regular exercise. There are testimonials left on the official website to help support the effectiveness of this dieting tool. A convenient 1-800 number is also posted on the website.

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  • There are no potentially harmful diet pills or drugs involved with the Diet Mate.
  • A 30 day money back guarantee is presented on the official website for this compact computer.
  • Anyone can use this weight loss tool to potentially aid them with fat reduction.


  • There are three separate Diet Mate devices to suit weight loss, hypertension and high cholesterol levels separately, which some individuals may not like.
  • There are no convenient appetite suppressants involved with this tool to aid with weight loss.
  • The Diet Mate sells for $97.50, which may be more than what some folks wish to spend.
  • There are no fat burning supplements involved with the Diet Mate.


The Diet Mate is a weight loss device that may assist some individuals with healthy weight reduction. More and more there are electronic tools available to the public to aid with fat loss. However, if you’re seeking out a more convenient pill or supplement to help you shed excess fat, then you may want to continue your search for a weight reduction product that’s taken orally. More than likely they will be less expensive than the Diet Mate, which sells for $97.50.

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