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We certainly live in a world that’s loaded with gadgets and devices that assist with all kinds of things. Well, this is where the Diet Pedometer comes into the picture. Also known as the “Hollywood Diet Pedometer,” this talking device is marketed toward individuals that desire assistance with weight loss. At this point there doesn’t seem to be an actual official website for this diet tool, however, it can still be purchased through sites like for a clearance price of $10.98 (originally $14.99).

The Diet Pedometer basically helps you keep track of things. As stated online where it’s sold, this product informs you of “your walking steps,” “your walking distance” and “the amount of calories you’ve burned.” Furthermore, the Diet Pedometer offers a clock, an alarm, a count up timer, a pacer control, a reset key, and a belt clip. There is a battery included with this weight loss tool. The official pitch for this device is “Walk 10,000 Steps. Lose the Weight Keep It Off!” As you may have already assumed, a healthy diet and regular exercise both play a part in utilizing the Diet Pedometer. You simply clip it on your belt or waistband and go.

Product Features

The Diet Pedometer is a small weight loss device that endeavors to help dieters by keeping them posted on their progress. Essentially it reveals the distance you’ve walked and the number of calories you’re burned off. There aren’t any oral supplements taken in conjunction with wearing the Diet Pedometer, however, healthy eating habits and regular exercise are encouraged. Since an official website doesn’t seem to be offered, there are no testimonials or positive reviews provided from past users, nor is there any mention of a refund guarantee with the Diet Pedometer device.

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  • The Diet Pedometer is suitable for pretty much any man or women that would prefer assistance with weight reduction.
  • This fat loss tool is currently available at a clearance price.


  • There are no fat burning pills offered with the Diet Pedometer to aid with fat loss.
  • Individuals that desire some sort of appetite suppressant may not find this personal calorie counting tool ideal.
  • There are no positive consumer reviews posted on an official website for this device.
  • Along with wearing the Diet Pedometer, dieters are also supposed to change their fitness and eating habits in order for this device to work successfully.
  • There is no guarantee of refund option with this “clearance” weight loss device.
  • Since there is no official website for this product, it’s possible that the Diet Pedometer has been discontinued.


When it really comes down to it, the Diet Pedometer is more of a calorie monitor than anything else. While this device aims to assist users with keeping track of the distance they walk and the calories they burn, it does not actually assist with appetite suppression, thermogenesis, or fat burning. Therefore individuals that prefer a more proactive weight loss product may not care for the Diet Pedometer in particular.

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