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If you’re currently seeking out a weight reduction supplement that aims to assist with fat loss by suppressing hunger, then you won’t have to look far. An example of what I mean is Diet Science Hoodia capsules. This supplement is manufactured by Diet Science, a company that additionally makes liquid formulas and herbal supplements for weight loss and overall well being. Unlike many diet products out there, this one is sold with a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee. There are even some testimonials from past users posted on the official website for convenient review.

As revealed on the Diet Science website, the key active component incorporated into this diet drug is Hoodia Gordonii, which is an appetite suppressant. Hoodia is an extract from cactus plants found in the South African Kalahari Desert (in the past African hunters would eat part of the Hoodia cactus plant in order to suppress their hunger while hunting for long periods of time). This ingredient contains the active molecule called P-57. When taking Diet Science Hoodia, this molecule sends signals to the user’s brain, letting it know that the user is full and satisfied. Those taking this weight reduction capsule should do so daily (two capsules at a time). The official website guarantees that the Hoodia found in this supplement is “100% South African.” Anyone 18 and older can attain a bottle of Diet Science Hoodia via the official website for $49.99 without a doctor’s prescription needed.


South African Hoodia Gordonii, Magnesium Stearate and Maltodextrin.

Product Features

Diet Science Hoodia is essentially an appetite suppressant that aims to help users shed excess body fat by curbing their hunger cravings, which may cause them to consume less food/fewer calories throughout the day. This weight loss product is free of Caffeine and Ephedrine. There doesn’t appear to be any clinical findings presented on the official website to support the claims made about Diet Science Hoodia capsules. As stated on the official website, this supplement is supposed to be free of all stimulants that can lead to jitteriness, nervousness, sleeplessness and anxiety. There are no claimed side effects associated with the key ingredient, which is Hoodia Gordonii.

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  • There is no prescription required for Diet Science Hoodia capsules.
  • There are very few ingredients incorporated into this weight loss product.


  • This dietary supplement doesn’t endeavor to aid with thermogenesis.
  • There is no background information on the company that manufactures Diet Science Hoodia.
  • Women who’re pregnant or nursing must consult a doctor prior to taking this diet drug.
  • Some individuals may be allergic to Hoodia Gordonii.


In the end, Diet Science Hoodia appears to be like most other Hoodia-based weight loss products. While this supplement aims to suppress the user’s appetite, it’s unclear what really sets this particular capsule formula apart from the rest. Unfortunately Diet Science Hoodia doesn’t appear to assist with thermogenesis, nor does it aim to burn away unwanted fat or calories. On the bright side, there is a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee provided with Diet Science Hoodia capsules.

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