Diet Book Reviews

The diet industry offers thousands of options for losing weight and keeping that extra fat off your body. Countless diet books have been written to introduce the most recent diets to overweight individuals who live around the world. Some of those diet books have become tried and true classics while others are fads which burned brightly for a while but eventually died out. How do you know which diet book will help your body lose the extra weight it’s gained over the years? offers reviews for almost any diet book you can find. Read our honest to goodness reviews and see what others are saying about some of the most popular diet books on the market today.

Whether you’re looking to lose weight quickly or establish a lifestyle of healthy eating, exercise, and overall weight control, we’re sure to have a review for a diet book you’ll find helpful. Fitness gurus around the world have written books about their revolutionary weight loss breakthroughs including eating programs, exercise programs, food combining, and many other fat loss options. You’ll find reader comments from real-life individuals who’ve read the books, tried the diets and found success or failure. allows you to sift through the sea of diet book options without spending a fortune buying the latest and greatest diet book from your local book store. Simply take some time to browse our reviews and reader comments about many of these diet books available on the market today. You’ll find your time well spent!

Best Diet Book Reviews