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Diet Shock is an e-book written by Anthony Zara. In the book, Zara talks about the tactics diet companies use to create the before and after photos used in many testimonials, and how many diets work for a while, but will stop at a certain point, thus driving the vicious dieting cycle forward. The book takes a closer look at the basics of genetics and provides an explanation as to why heavier people are hungrier. If you are considering purchasing this ebook, read our review before you decide.

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Diet Shock features a diet plan that is designed to give your body access to the right food it needs to flourish. The idea is that most diets don’t work because your body becomes used to the reduced caloric intake, and goes back to working less efficiently just as it did before you started the diet. The eating plan is rather strict, and for the first week, you must follow a low carb, gluten free, and dairy free diet to completely eliminate sugar from your diet. Starting in the second week, you can add starches back in, and work your way to what you think your body will work best with, using it as a guide to determine how many carbs you can live with. The diet plan is recommended to be followed for three months without exercise of any kind, to allow your body to adjust to the new diet. After you have been following the program for three months, then you can do whatever exercise you want. There are no exercise guidelines in the ebook. The main principle of the book relies on getting back to the basics of your diet, much as our ancestors did. Zara also says it is perfectly fine to be in love with food, so long as you love the right kinds of food, and indulge yourself in only the healthiest and best options out there.

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  • A back to the basics approach is focused more on nutrition.
  • This approach shocks the body into revving up the metabolism and helps to avoid plateaus.


  • The high restrictions in this diet may make it hard for a lot of people to stick to.
  • No exercise is allowed for the first three months of the program..
  • After you’ve completed the adjustment period, there is no specific exercise plan or gudiance provided.


Diet Shock will be able to help you lose weight by shocking your body and forcing the metabolism to kick into higher gear. Whether this diet will work for you or not is really based on whether or not you think the eating plan is too restrictive. If you find the restrictions to be too much and do not stick to it, you will not see results. However, if the restrictions don’t bother you and you can stick to it, then you can develop a healthier relationship with your food and see real results. The bottom line is that you must eat a healthier diet and get exercise to lose weight. An appetite suppressant or fat burner can help you make the most of your effort.

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