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What You Should Know

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The Diet Smart plan is quoted to be the “last diet you’ll ever need” on the official website. This program begins with an eight-class course, which aims to teach users the basics of weight management and reduction. Secondly, users delve into more advanced weight loss methods and subjects. Since the classroom is your computer screen, you have the ability to mold the program around your own schedule. Some of the things you can expect with Diet Smart are weight loss professionals to coach you, regular support and motivation, as well as easy to manage tools.

As addressed on the official website, the Diet Smart plan has “three basic guidelines” that are supposed to assist you with real weight reduction. These are “the plan is flexible,” “the plan is simple” and “the plan is safe.” Users are apparently still able to eat foods they love; not all foods have to be recorded and tracked; and the dieter stays active with this plan, but while getting enough to eat. In order to keep better track of foods you eat, the Diet Smart plan has broken down “food” into five different categories. These are free foods (these are low-calorie foods like vegetables), basic foods (rice, lean meats, fruit, potatoes), single portion foods (the favorite foods, but must be consumed in reasonable portions), modified foods (foods with low-calorie options such as skim milk), and limited foods (high calorie foods, which are not forbidden, but should be limited to once per week).

Product Features

The Diet Smart plan is basically a type of weight loss system that’s utilized online. It’s a community of people who’re striving to hit a target weight and maintain it. There are some success stories with before and after photos presented on the official website. At this point Diet Smart costs $19.95 for three months of usage. Some of the benefits you’ll get as a member are as follows; calorie counter, weight tracker, exercise log, recipe database, weight loss journal, message boards, diet buddies, weekly group sessions, email support from dieticians, controlling your appetite, an eight-class course, and meal planning 101.

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  • Users can interact with the Diet Smart plan easily from home on their computers.
  • This type of weight loss program is for both women and men of all ages.


  • There are no fast and convenient diet pills incorporated into the Diet Smart plan to help burn away calories or curb hunger.
  • This weight reduction plan calls for a pretty drastic lifestyle change, which may not be suitable for some users.
  • There is no guarantee posted for this program on the website.
  • The Diet Smart plan may involve too many different things, which can sometimes overwhelm some dieters.


As for the Diet Smart plan, this is one of several more contemporary online weight management programs. On one hand, the convenience of this program is rather attractive. Some individuals may appreciate how it’s all managed from your computer and there is constant support available. Then again, others may not care for how involved Diet Smart is. This type of weight loss plan appears to call for a more severe lifestyle change than some others out there today.

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