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There are dozens of diet teas on the market today, claiming the ability to boost metabolism, burn fat, increase focus and a host of other benefits. When comparing these products and assessing their possible effectiveness in your weight loss regimen, it is important to look at the ingredients, the manufacturer, and the available scientific information on the ingredients and the products.

Diet teas can contain any number of ingredients, both natural and synthetic. Common inclusions in diet teas are green tea, white tea, bitter orange, guggul, guarana and kola nut. There are many of these same ingredients in weight loss pills. We recommend that you do not purchase any diet tea that does not provide you with a complete list of ingredients so that you can determine which are likely to help you meet your goals. This is also important to ensure that there are no ingredients that might trigger an allergic reaction.


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Many of the diet teas claim to have all natural ingredients. While this may be so, it is important to remember that even natural substances have the potential to be harmful. There is some clinical research to suggest that some of these ingredients may assist people to burn fat and lose weight. The most widely studied of these is green tea. Green tea produces a thermogenic response in the body. Thermogenesis produces heat, boosts the metabolic rate, and burns adipose (fat) tissue. Green tea is found in some of the most highly rated weight loss pills on the market. The benefit of the pill form over the tea is that the extract in the pill has been perfectly concentrated to be effective while the tea can contain varying amounts of the active substances.

Many of the other, more exotic, ingredients in some diet teas lack scientific proof of effectiveness, although they are widely found in weight loss pills. We do not recommend using any ingredient that has not been thoroughly clinically tested, not only to see if it is likely to be effective but also to ensure that there are no serious side effects. Some ingredients may also interact with other medications.

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  • Tea is a soothing agent.
  • Can contain clinically proven ingredients.


  • Concentrations of effective ingredients may vary.
  • May contain ingredients that could cause side effects.
  • May contain ingredients not listed on the label.


While diet teas may seem like a more natural approach to weight loss than pills or other supplements, they can be just as subject to variability in quality and effectiveness. We find that the most highly rated weight loss products come in the form of supplements that have been expertly formulated to contain the proper amounts of proven ingredients. That doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy a cup of green tea. The antioxidants and other beneficial ingredients it contains can make you feel even better.

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