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Diet-Tech is a weight loss supplement that was manufactured by Muscle Tech. Unfortunately this diet product is out of production at this time (was discontinued). Since it’s no longer featured on the official website, some issues are unknown regarding this supplement formula. The primary goal of Diet-Tech is to burn away unwanted body fat. It may additionally minimize food cravings, help regulate cholesterol levels and assist with a feeling of fullness. It’s unknown whether or not this diet product was sold with a money-back guarantee.

It appears that there are eight different ingredients incorporated into Diet-Tech. These are Glucomannan (may regulate blood sugar levels and lower cholesterol), Xanthan Gum, Chromium Polynicotinate (may help regulate insulin functioning), Alpha Lipoic Acid (this is an antioxidant and blood sugar regulator), Green Tea Extract (a type of caffeine that may assist with metabolic rates), Caffeine (diuretic and stimulant), Guarana Extract (may help with fat burning), and Yerba Mate (contains caffeine and may aid with appetite suppression). There is no actual price posted for Diet-Tech supplements. Unfortunately there are no customer testimonials or reviews posted for this product at this time. There doesn’t appear to be a dosage chart provided for this weight loss product.


All are not disclosed on an official website.

Product Features

Diet-Tech is a weight loss product that can no longer be acquired online or in stores. Although it’s not clarified why, this dietary supplement has been taken of the market. This product aims to aid in the fat burning process, and may additionally help regulate cholesterol levels, curb hunger and assist with a feeling of fullness. Unfortunately a potential side effect that may occur while taking Diet-Tech is a lack of vitamin/nutrient absorption in the body. Naturally there are no free trial samples of this weight reduction product available at this time since it has been discontinued. There are no success stories or customer testimonials provided for this product either.

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  • Diet-Tech used to be sold in a convenient pill form that was taken easily with water.
  • There was no prescription required with this dietary supplement.
  • It appears that Diet-Tech may have assisted with thermo genesis.


  • Diet-Tech is no longer manufactured since it has been discontinued for some reason or another.
  • One major side effect that may occur while taking this product is a lack of vitamin/nutrient absorption in the body (this could lead to major problems with health).
  • There are no reviews or success stories provided to support Diet-Tech weight loss pills.
  • It’s unknown whether or not there was a money-back guarantee or clinical research offered with this supplement.


When it comes down to it, there is no real reason to look at Diet-Tech any longer. It’s clear that this diet supplement has been discontinued and cannot be acquired. Therefore it’s wise to take a look at other weight loss products currently gracing the market in order to find one that really suits you best. This may be for the better since this supplement can result in a lack of vitamin/nutrient absorption in the body.

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    Alexander Bullock

    Hi, I was an user of the product “Diet-Tech”.It helps in reducing body fat to a large extent. It also concentrates on minimizing cholesterol levels.
    It is in the form of a pill and can be easily consumed