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Fortunately in this day and age there are so many approaches to weight loss. One approach that you may not have encountered is Diet To Go. This is a company that offers already-prepared meals. Their official pitch is “we’ll cook the food and you’ll lose the weight.” There is a convenient 1-800 contact number provided on the home page of the official website. The daily meals offered by Diet To Go are claimed to be “healthy and delicious with only the highest quality ingredients.” The three different meal plan options they currently offer are Traditional Low-Fat, Low-Carb and Vegetarian Low-Fat.

After reviewing the official website for Diet To Go, it seems that these already prepared meals will cost you about $19 per day. They can be ordered by phone, fax or even online. One touted aspect of the Diet To Go plan is taste. Apparently with this weight management system, you don’t have to sacrifice flavor. While some food supplements for weight loss, as well as frozen meal plans are not focused on flavor as much as calories and fat content, Diet To Go is claimed to offer different levels of food that tastes great. This is stated to be a successful point of their program.


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Similar to other dieting programs like the South Beach Diet, Lean Cuisine, and Slim Fast, there are “well-balanced meals” incorporated into this weight management program. By consuming these Diet To Go meals that are prepared and sent to your door, you reduce your daily caloric intake, which naturally leads to weight loss. There are five week intervals involved with this program, which means that each dieter will receive meals based on the calories they need to shed the excess body fat they don’t want. Although all of the Diet To Go meals are stated to be flavor rich and tasty, there is a modification in the portion sizes, depending upon what it is you’re trying to accomplish. An FAQ section is provided on the official website to assist you with learning more specifics about the Diet To Go program.

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  • The Diet To Go plan allows users to enjoy already prepared meals, which is convenient.
  • There are no potentially harmful diet drugs involved with this weight loss plan.


  • There are no fat burning supplements involved with the Diet To Go program.
  • There is no regular fitness regimen mentioned on the official website for this weight loss plan.
  • As far as appetite suppressants and supplements that assist with thermogenesis go, there is none involved with this dieting program.
  • At $19 per day, some individuals may think that this weight reduction system is rather pricey.


All in all, the Diet To Go program might be beneficial or convenient for some dieters since the user would not have to mess around with cooking meals every day. However, you should remember that this program may get expensive at $19 per day. That’s nearly $100 for a five day work week. In the end, you might find it helpful to investigate a few other weight loss plans before simply choosing this one to assist you with fat reduction.

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8 User Reviews about Diet To Go

  • 1

    I knew by the first day that this was not the meal plan for me. Very strange meals that can be very odd-tasting.
    Fact: My Reuben sandwich was made with French toast bread, as was my Swiss cheese/tomato sandwich.
    Fact: A breakfast can consist of 2 fruits (including full-sugar juice) plus a grain, no protein.
    Opinion: Some items have very odd tastes included. Often over-salted. Fact: Not everything freezes/travels well. A “mandarin pudding” consisted of 3 different textures. The fruit, the juice, and a strange, stiff pudding-like consistency.
    Fact: Meals are not balanced. One lunch consisted of a giant, dry pretzel, bread sticks and black bean chili.
    Opinion: Many items are way, way over-seasoned. A cauliflower tabouli was gag-worthy to me due to over seasoning. I gave samples to co-workers, one of whom was Greek. All agreed with my opinion.

    I chose this delivered diet food because of its excellent on-line reputation. It is expensive. And I will be throwing away/wasting a tremendous amount of food because I just cannot eat it.


  • 2
    Reynaldo Davila

    I have no idea what is occurring within that Organization but it is not good. I was with them for close to a year. The meals were never too good and some times really bad; but it was convenient. They never revamped the menu and it was the same month after month. Lately there were disruptions on delivery, which was then restored but meals were delivered all turned over and mixed up. The packaging has always been deficient. Finally they called me stating some contrary facts about the dealers saying I needed to pay more now if I wanted to continue with the program. Pretty bad customer service. I’m done with them and good riddance too.


  • 3

    Food is great. Weight loss. No commitments. Love it!


  • 4
    Former DTG Customer

    Customer service is poor. Distribution system is unreliable. Food is okay but not worth the price. I do not recommend Diet-to-Go.


  • 5

    A lot of trans fat (partially hydrogenated vegetable oil) in these meals. Ironic because they have several articles on site advising against eating trans fat. Ingredients are on the mail order meals.

    Also, there is a controversy right now about the accuracy of their calorie counts. They claim there are just a few typos in the nutritional data but one user found caloric discrepancies in almost 80% of the meals reviewed.

    Fresh food, great for vegetarians, but major problems with trans fat and accuracy of published calorie counts.


  • 6
    Peggy C

    HOrrible food and horrible customer service. Please do not order from this company. You will be disappointed. Absolutely terrible.



    I am very pleased with this program. The food was very delicious and if you don’t like a particular meal you can substitute it with another My experience with customer service was positeve….very pleasant, knowledable, and helpful.
    There is no commitment.
    I love not having to meal plan, grocery shop, cook etc.



    I’ve called customer service 3 times so far and always had great service. Most of the meals have been tasty, but once in a while I get something that’s average.