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Diet To Your Door is a weight management program that involves a full menu of meals. Now called Bistro MD, this system incorporates pre-planned meals and snacks that are ordered and delivered to your front door. As with some other similar weight loss programs, this one offers a lot of convenience. Initially you sign up for a specific meal plan, and then receive a full week of food at a time. This costs up to $179.95 per week. The official Bistro MD website states that these already prepared meals are shipped in “insulated coolers” to ensure freshness.

You can choose from four different plans when you go with the Diet To Your Door program. These are the Full Week with Snacks plan (seven days of breakfast, lunch, and dinner meals with snacks, weekly program material and access to dieticians), Full Week without Snacks (does not contain the snacks), Work Week with Snacks plan (five days of breakfast, lunch and dinner meals, along with the snacks), and Work Week without Snacks Plan (five days of meals, but no snacks). While the Full Week plan with snacks costs $179.95 per week, the Full Week without snacks goes for $159.95, the Work Week with snacks for $144.95, and the Work Week without snacks for $129.95. Diet To Your Door supposedly incorporates “restaurant quality food” that’s cooked fresh on a regular basis. Dr. Phil calls it “the best home meal delivery available.”


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Product Features

Diet To Your Door or Bistro MD is a weight management system that aims to help both women and men with healthy weight reduction. There are no appetite suppressants or fat loss pills involved with this diet system. This plan basically involves already prepared meals that are consumed daily, along with snacks. Also involved is weekly program material and access to dieticians online. These professionals can assist you further with dieting and weight management. There is a convenient FAQ page offered on the official website, along with a list of testimonials from Diet To Your Door users and past users.

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  • Those that utilize the Diet To Your Door program will not have to worry about buying groceries or preparing meals.
  • This program supposedly offers “restaurant quality food,” which some individuals may appreciate.


  • The four different plans offered by Diet To Your Door are rather expensive, ranging from $129.95 to $179.95 per week.
  • There is naturally no money back guarantee offered with this weight management program, which some individuals may not like.
  • As far as appetite suppressants and convenient diet pills go, there is none incorporated with Diet To Your Door.


In the end, there are several weight management programs out there today that function like Diet To Your Door. Naturally some individuals may enjoy a plan like this that offers already prepared meals, which is certainly convenient. However, there is a large price tag that goes along with this dieting program. Unfortunately this will deter some dieters simply because it is higher than most other weight loss plans at a whopping $129.95 to $179.95 per week.

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