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Just when you think you’ve seen it all, another weight loss product hits the diet market. A primary example of this is the Diet Water Stick. This product may sound utterly bizarre, but it is real none the less. This product is essentially a “portable” cylindrical shaped stick that’s added directly to a typical water bottle. The official website claims that the Diet Water Stick reacts with the water and draws fatty oils, greases and even tar substances from your body. This way these elements are expelled naturally. A single Diet Water Stick can be used in 180 water bottles, which makes it last around 60 days.

Since the Diet Water Stick is a UK-based product, it’s sold in pounds (12.50). This stick is added to bottles of normal tap water, which means no special brand or treatments are necessary. There is a money-back guarantee posted on the official website. There are six different key ingredients found in the Diet Water Stick. These are Maifanshi-stone (decomposes impurities), Dechlorine Ceramics (helps decompose and remove chlorine), Binchotan-charcoal (absorbs heavy metals from water), Coral Fossil, Tourmaline Ceramics, and Water-soluble Calcium Carbonate Ore (helps absorb toxic substances). Apparently men and women who utilize the Diet Water Stick should consume around three bottles of water each day. Whether or not regular exercise and a healthy diet are incorporated is not mentioned on the website.


Not available on the official website.

Product Features

The Diet Water Stick is basically a stick-shaped product that works like a filter for your daily water intake. It’s composed of ingredients like Maifanshi-stone, Dechlorine Ceramics, Binchotan-charcoal, Coral Fossil, Tourmaline Ceramics, and Water-soluble Calcium Carbonate Ore. While this product doesn’t aim to improve thermo genesis or suppress appetite, the Diet Water Stick does endeavor to draw fatty oils, greases and even tar substances from your body in a “healthy and natural fashion.” This apparently helps with overall weight loss because less fat cells and harsh components are absorbed into the body. There are no free trial samples of the Diet Water Stick offered, however, there are a few success stories provided on the official website.

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  • There is some sort of “money-back guarantee” that comes with the Diet Water Stick.
  • A single stick can be used in up to 180 bottles of water.
  • With this weight loss product, users are encouraged to drink ample amounts of water, which is good for the body.


  • There is no scientific research provided on the website to support the claims made about this product.
  • No free trial samples of the Diet Water Stick are offered at this time.
  • Some individuals may have negative or allergic reactions to this product.
  • This product doesn’t aim to suppress the user’s appetite or help with thermo genesis.


On one hand, the Diet Water Stick is a very unique product that offers a great deal of convenience. You simply stick it in a water bottle and continue to refill the bottle up to 180 times. Then again, this product doesn’t endeavor to assist with thermo genesis, nor does it suppress appetite. It’s always wise to check out a number of dietary supplements prior to choosing one such as the Diet Water Stick.

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