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As you likely already know, there are an endless variety of weight loss drugs, supplements and diet pills currently at your fingertips. Naturally not all of these products will work ideally for you though. In fact, many of them fail to provide the correct amount of information online to really give dieters an idea of what they have to offer and how they can affect the user’s body. Right now we’re going to take a look at Diet ZX. This is a tablet formula that’s geared toward both women and men that desire some assistance with fat reduction and overall weight loss.

Unfortunately there is no official website or manufacturer addressed for Diet ZX. However, it is revealed that this dietary supplement aims to suppress the user’s appetite, put sugar cravings in check, boost the metabolism and supply the body with extra energy. It is compared to other weight loss supplements like Slim-RX and Metabolife online. The primary selling point for Diet ZX is “Lose weight and increase your energy!” Even though it is stated that this weight reduction product is infused with “pharmaceutical-grade ingredients” to aid with “natural weight loss,” these components are not disclosed for a better understanding.

Product Features

Diet ZX is a diet drug that’s marketed toward women and men that would prefer some assistance with fat loss. However, it’s unclear whether or not this product is still available online or in stores. Unfortunately the key active ingredients pertaining to Diet ZX are not disclosed for dieters to review. This can sometimes be a problem for those who suffer with allergies. Although this weight loss supplement is claimed to suppress the user’s appetite, put sugar cravings in check, boost the metabolism and supply the body with extra energy, there is no clinical research provided on the official website to support these claims. However, there are plenty of reviews posted for Diet ZX supplements that may give dieters some insight to how well the product works.

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  • Diet ZX is/was sold in the convenient form of a tablet.
  • There are a number of reviews and responses to this weight loss drug found online.
  • There are no listed side effects that apply to Diet ZX.


  • At this time there are no free trial samples of this diet supplement offered online.
  • Individuals with allergies may be leery of this supplement since none of the ingredients are disclosed for review.
  • There is no mention of a refund with Diet ZX supplements.
  • Clinical studies and/or research is not presented to support this product.


All in all, Diet ZX doesn’t appear to still be available on the weight loss market. After learning more about this particular diet drug, it’s clear that there isn’t a lot of information provided on Diet ZX concerning key ingredients, where it’s sold, if it has warnings that apply to it, and whether or not a guarantee is offered. Naturally it’s a good idea to check out other weight loss products that are a little easier to come by.

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    Jane williamd

    I lose 30 pound using diet zx and my father lose 30 my daughter lost 10 and no more diet zx to be find


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    Daniel Onofrei

    About 10 years ago I was over 450 pounds, I use Diet ZX for about 1 year, I lost 280 pounds. For me diet ZX was the best pill, my friends are asking me for, and I don’t find any more, How can I found ?


  • 3
    Jane Williams

    how can u get diet zx lose 30lb need to lose again


    5 star

    I want to no how to order the diet zx pill


  • 4
    roy casdorph

    direction on taking diet zx


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    where can i order diet zx pills



    don’t order them my son was taking these vitamins and died


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    Please explain more about the unfortunate death of your son
    I am ready to start using these pills


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