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At times, dieters need assistance in order to achieve weight loss. There are several diet and fitness plans on the market, but the plans seldom address the cause of weight loss failure. DietAssist addresses the cause of weight loss failure. The program addresses concerns from a psychological level instead of a “what did I do wrong” level. The program is available on the official website as well as on DVD//CD. The cost is relatively inexpensive, costing between £27 and £47. We will take a closer look at DietAssist to see if a program addressing the mental side of weight management is an effective tool to weight loss and total body health.

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  • Physiological weight management program looking at the root causes of weight loss.

Product Features

DietAssist is a fitness program designed to assist dieters lose weight. Instead of teaching dieters how and when to eat, the program focuses on why diets fail. DietAssist is not considered a stand-alone diet, rather a program used in conjunction with existing diets. The 12-step program includes a video, interactive games and audio tracks. The program is available on the official website for £27 for online access, £47 for DVD’s and online access.

The program is different from diet programs on the market. DietAssist looks at the mental issues blocking individuals from achieving weight loss. This is a concern. The creators of DietAssist are not physicians or psychotherapists. The creators claim the techniques work, but there is no evidence or scientific research associated with DietAssist.

We would have liked DietAssist to address exercise and supplementation. Both are necessary in order to achieve maximum weight loss. Since the program works in conjunction with other diets, the exercise portion is addressed in each individual weight management program.

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  • DietAssist is inexpensive.
  • The program looks at the root causes of diet failure.


  • Claims the program is based upon scientific research, but no information was available.
  • The program does not address exercise or supplementation.
  • There is no guarantee of weight loss.
  • The program does not offer any new information.


We like how DietAssist is not a traditional diet. The plan is more of a change in the way of thinking. DietAssist looks at the root causes of overeating and weight gain and addresses those concerns. Testimonials state the program changes the way dieters think about food, cravings and how to better manage food consumption. DietAssist may not address weight management or weight loss. There is no information provided regarding diet, exercise or supplementation. DietAssist simply approaches weight management on a physiological level. The program is not designed to replace a diet, but rather work in conjunction with your existing diet plan.

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