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DietClicks is a basically a dieting system that’s claimed to be like no other. The official website touts it as a diet that’s “used by some of the top hospitals around the country.” There is a link offered on the website called “the science,” which explains why people have so much trouble losing weight, and how the body can be manipulated in order for fat loss to occur. Apparently the founders of DietClicks have learned which foods trigger certain cravings. This is supposed to help people get the foods they desire, but without gaining additional weight. Essentially the foods that are craved will eventually be healthier foods that are high in protein and low in calories. By eliminating the negative fatty foods, users lose unwanted weight.

With the DietClicks complete system, users are supposed to shed up to 10 pounds. Included in this unique program is a complete “7 day cycle of the diet plan, a shopping list for one week, online support, and a complete guide that’s supposed to provide step-by-step guidelines.” There are some testimonials provided on the official website for review. Basically with DietClicks, there are two primary goals that are addressed. These are satisfy your cravings and balance your body’s chemical. It appears that this weight loss program sells for $14.95, which will get you the software that’s needed to get started. There is a “screenshots” link available on the official website that displays captures of the DietClicks software being uploaded on a computer.

Product Features

The DietClicks weight loss program is basically a one-time purchase of software. The CD ROM then walks you through what you need to do in order to shed unwanted body fat. It’s apparently suitable for both women and men of all ages. There are no oral supplements or diet pills involved with DietClicks. The official website does list out 10 reasons why you should strive to lose weight (if you are overweight). Although this diet program can be ordered with ease via the official website, a satisfaction guarantee is not mentioned.

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  • There are no additional fees once you purchase the DietClicks software.
  • There are no potentially harmful diet pills involved with this diet program.


  • Some individuals may not care for the diet change that’s involved with this particular weight loss system.
  • There is no mention of a money-back guarantee with DietClicks.
  • No convenient appetite suppressants or fat loss pills are incorporated with this weight loss program.
  • DietClicks does not endeavor to assist with thermo genesis.


In the end, DietClicks is certainly a unique and interesting approach to shedding excess body fat. Some people may actually prefer the at-home CD ROM style program to the “weight loss clinic with meetings” approach. However, if you’re unsure about this kind of weight loss system, you may want to do some searching around, because it doesn’t look like DietClicks comes with a money-back guarantee. Furthermore, this type of weight reduction program may be a little too involved for some individuals.

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