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Click Here To See Our Highest Rated Review is an online community that focuses on the Personality Type Diet to prescribe dieters a diet plan which is determined during the sign up process. In addition to their online community and numerous blogs written by nutritional experts, they also include videos, information about diet fads, tips, and their own online store. Not all of this is free, however — some features are only available if dieters upgrade their subscription which usually costs right under $20.00 per month, in addition to their initial sign-up fee.

In addition to’s informational diet sections and online community, it also features success stories of people who have used the diet. Some dieters boast weight loss over 100lbs in some instances. For dieters seeking online support, this appears to be a popular hub in the internet world and this even may interest dieters seeking a site to search for dietary and fitness information. Their site is clearly selling to dieters and health professionals — is also being implemented at the Northwestern Memorial Hospital, one of the leading heart hospitals in Chicago, Illinois.

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As an informational website, contains a lot of information for dieters ranging from fad diets to tips to thinning out thighs during the holiday season. Most of the information is based off backed up research, studies, and advice from nutritional experts. For subscribers, further sections are added, including a personalized diet plan, meals personally reviewed by nutritionists, workout videos, and even a personal consultation with Dr. Kushner. Subscribers also receive free shipping in their online store which features numerous diet supplements and fitness aids. Unfortunately, receiving all of its features, which is recommended by its subscribers and dietitians, does cost around $20.00 per month, equaling nearly $240.00 per year.

Nevertheless, there are numerous positive success stories and advice available from registered dietitians which may provide nutritional support to dieters seeking practical advice about dieting.

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  • Advice is provided by certified nutritionists and dietitians.
  • The online community allows dieters to talk with other dieters about meal plans and exercise.


  • A monthly fee is required to gain access to all of its features, equaling to about $240.00 per year.
  • Some question the legitimacy of the personality type diet, which is what bases its diet from.
  • Requires an initiation fee as well.


Although the sheer amount of information included on their website may provide basic support for dieters, having to pay for this information may not be something many dieters want. Nevertheless, there is plenty of information for dieters to peruse, including advice offered by registered dietitians. This may be a convenient place to gain information about the latest diet findings.

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