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Dietex, otherwise known as VPX Dietex, is a Hoodia-based oral supplement manufactured by VPX Sports, a national bodybuilding supplier. Dietex’s primary focus is on Hoodia, a trendy new weight loss ingredient with promising early results. It may look like Dietex is another Hoodia knockoff, but this product claims it has enhanced its herbal Hoodia with Sceletix, a synthetic compound they claim acts as a mood booster. There is very little differentiating Dietex from other Hoodia-based pills, but Dietex’s price attracts many dieters. There are no money-back guarantees or free samples to try, but Dietex’s value gives all dieters a thrifty advantage. A normal 60-count bottle usually costs between $16.95 to $24.95, depending on where you shop.

Although the price might be right, numerous questions about its effectiveness leaves this supplement with a huge question mark. Dietex claims it will quell oncoming cravings and appetite, but they never specify how — or how much — it can help in the battle against the bulge.


Hoodiax (Hoodia Gordonii), Sceletix, N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine, 18-Beta-Glycyrrhetinic Acid, Evoburn, Gelatin, Cellulose.

Product Features

Like many other weight loss supplements, Dietex’s main ingredient is Hoodia, an herbal extract used by African tribes to suppress appetite during long hunts. There is no debate that Hoodia itself is effective, but there is no clinical evidence showing its effectiveness when mixed with other ingredients, nor have its long-term side effects been determined. Dietex combines Hoodia with Sceletix, a synthetic ingredient that the manufacturers claim boosts mood inhibitors. It is important to note that there are no studies proving these claims, however.

Another thing differentiating Dietex from other supplements is its lack of ingredients. It only includes a couple of amino acids along with its proprietary blend, which is uncommon. It appears Dietex’s main focus is on Hoodia, which only targets one specific part of weight reduction — suppressed appetite. Dietex is clearly not a miracle pill and cannot replace a healthy diet and exercise.

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  • Dietex contains Hoodia, a potent weight loss ingredient.
  • Dietex is fairly inexpensive, ranging between $16.95 to $24.95 per 60ct bottle.
  • Its lack of ingredients is actually an advantage. Experts believe excessive ingredients decreases its safety.


  • Dietex only claims to decrease appetite and suppress cravings, which does not target all factors in weight loss.
  • It uses Sceletix, which has no verifiable proof as an effective mood or weight-loss aid.
  • There is little information about how Dietex works or why it is more effective than Hoodia itself.
  • There is nothing unique about Dietex – it merely markets itself as name-brand Hoodia.
  • There is no free trial sample of this product for first-time users.
  • No 100% money-back guarantee seems to be available.


Although its main ingredient is fairly effective, Dietex still manages to draw question marks in terms of effectiveness. It is hard to say how effective Dietex is, but its price makes up for any difference. If you’re looking for an oral diet supplement, you may want to check out one that offers more info on the product or more customer incentives. If Dietex has a cash-back guarantee, then we’d know that the manufacturer stood firmly behind their product.

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