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Editor's Review: 3.2 / 5.0

What You Should Know

Click Here To See Our Highest Rated Review is a website that aims to assist women and men with weight loss. While this site does not offer a specific weight loss program or dietary supplement of its own, there are plenty of others discussed. The purpose of websites like this is to help users find a plan or product that’s suitable to them specifically. However, through, you can supposedly even find the supplement or diet plan you need at “heavily discounted prices.” The website’s slogan is “Lose weight feel great!”

To break it down into categories, the site offers sections like Diet Pills, Complete Diets, Natural Diet Aids, Free Resources, Dieting News, Exercise, Dieting Articles, Weight Loss Tips, and Healthy Eating. After reviewing the link for Diet Pills, it appears that users are redirected to a website called, which offers an ample selection of bars, shakes, supplement pills and vitamins. Under the Free Resources link, you’ll encounter tools such as the Protein Calculator, Calorie Calculator, Fat Calculator, Fitness Analysis apparatus, and BMR Calculator. Furthermore, there is a body weight calculator provided on the website for anyone to take advantage of. You simply click on “For Women” or “For Men,” and then proceed to punch in your height (feet and inches). This will tell you your ideal body weight. Utilizing the website is free of charge.

Product Features

Basically is an informative website that provides an array of fitness tips, healthy eating advice and weight loss pointers to men and women of all ages. Although no diet products are sold exclusively through this website, there are plenty of them offered at “discounted prices.” You may find that when you choose a particular supplement or diet plan that you’re redirected to a different website for purchase. It’s important to review each diet product or supplement carefully since some may not come with guarantees. There is a nifty “free resources” link provided on the to assist you with pinpoint the most ideal diet plan or supplement. Actual testimonials for specific diets are not offered.

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  • The site is totally free to utilize.
  • There is plenty of data provided on natural diet aids, exercise programs, healthy eating, weight loss tips, dieting news and more.


  • There is no specific weight reduction supplement or fat loss program endorsed through, which can make it difficult for some dieters to pinpoint the right one.
  • There are no testimonials or reviews for any diet pills or programs listed out on the website.
  • Some users may have trouble finding exactly what they need for weight loss since so much is discussed on this site.


The site is primarily just an information website that offers eating and exercise advice to everyone striving to shed excess body fat. While this is not a bad thing, there is no specific dietary supplement or weight loss program pitched. In the end, this type of website offers plenty of information that may get you closer to finding the “ideal” diet product to suit your individual needs.

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