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Diethylproprion is an anorectic agent. According to the manufacturers, it works on the central nervous system and has an effect on the appestat region of the brain. The appestat region is an area in the hpothalysmus that scientists and weight loss experts believe is responsible for our feelings of hunger and our appetite mechanism. Diethylproprion is the generic form of the appetite suppressant tablet Tenuate. Both Diethylproprion and Tenuate are prescription medicines and are designed to be used in to deal with short-term obesity.


Diethylproprion is the generic form of Tenuate. It is a stand alone appetite suppressant. There are no other ingredients other than Diethylproprion.

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Diethylproprion is, of course, similar to Tenuate and is designed only to be used in the short-term to help with the initial loss of weight. The manufacturers of both these appetite suppressants say that they are designed to be used in conjunction with a health eating plan and with exercise as well as a change in lifestyle and behavioural therapy if this is required. These pills are prescription-only, and are for the treatment of clinical obesity.

Diethylproprion should be taken on an empty stomach one half hour before breakfast. The manufacturers say that you should avoid taking it late in the day due to problems of sleeplessness associated with this tablet. Like wise the manufacturers of Tenuate, which contains Diethylproprion, tell us that each Tenuate tablet contains 75mg of Diethylproprion.They tell us that Tenuate should only be taken once a day, preferably mid morning, and that it should be swallowed whole, rather than chewed or crushed, as it will destroy the long action as Tenuate is a sustained release long acting product.

There are a large number of side effects and cautions related to Diethylproprion. If you wish to try this product you should make sure that you give the physician or online pharmacy dealing with your request a full and detailed medical history. Alcohol should not be consumed when taking Diethylproprion or any medication which contains Diethylproprion.

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  • There is detailed information regarding Diethylproprion available on the web.
  • Diethylproprion can be purchased from online pharmacies.
  • The list of product cautions for Diethylproprion are clearly indicated.


  • Side effects of Diethylproprion can include stomach upset, irritability, and pulmonary hypertension.
  • Diethylprorion is only designed for short term use.
  • You cannot consume alcohol whilst taking Diethylproprion.
  • The list of strong cautions for Diethylproprion is extensive.


Anybody who is considering taking Diethylprorion should give very serious consideration as to whether it is suitable for them, particularly if they have any type of medical problems. It is certainly a product of last resort after other methods of weight loss have been exhausted. At the end of the day the only person who is qualified to recommend this product is a family physician taking into account the past medical history of the person concerned.

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6 User Reviews about Diethylproprion

  • 1
    Honey Buns

    I am a binge eater especially when I am either bored or depressed. I have however, had this disorder for years. A prior woman doctor prescribed this pill for me after failing to lose weight by other methods. she only recommended me the 25mg. dose this was in 2009..i do not have insurance any more and my disorder have resurfaced with a VENGENCE….I am not having to go on-line for this product and it did not do any of the side affects mentioned. and it helped me a great deal…if any one know of a pharmacy on-line that will not charge a small fortune or send something FAKE…send me the website…….


  • 2
    Lynnie Bee

    I’ve been taking the drug now for about a week and I have intense headaches. Worse than any migraine. I would sleep okay if I could get rid of the headache. Is there something I can take for headache. Are everyday headaches normal?


  • 3
    Loyal Pimpleton

    Remember, if you consider getting a script for this medicine, you may need the doctor to give you something to stabalize your blood pressure. Besides causing hypertention, 75mg of Tenuate will also bring on insomnia.


  • 4

    please can you tell me how i can purchase diethylproprion.thankyou



    it is available ONLY by script. watch out for counterfiets….they alter spelling of the name to fool you.


    Craig D.

    your bp will sky rocket & you won’t be able to sleep a wink!
    And YES, you need a doctor’s prescription for this medicine.