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One exciting aspect of today’s weight management market is the great variety of supplements, software, workout equipment, foods and online programs. Just when you think you’ve seen it all, something like the DietMaster Pro hits the shelves. This product is a “professional” weight loss system that consists of seven different items, which are the CD ROM Media, five RD designed meal templates that come with grocery lists, multi media tutorials, a 120-page user documentation and binder, business paperwork, marketing brochure samples, and a one-year premium care support program (technical support, free upgrades, and webex training classes).

According to the website, the DietMaster Pro (version 9) sells for $499. As opposed to merely assisting with individual weight loss or management, this product is stated to help anyone “transition into the weight management consulting business.” Some of the things you can expect from DietMaster Pro are quickly prepared grocery lists, R.D. designed meal plans, nutritional assessments, as well as the tracking of weight control goals. The primary purpose of DietMaster Pro is to assist yourself or others by examining eating habits and vitamin/mineral intake in order to see what should be altered. Once this is done, it’s easy enough to create new ideal meal plans for the dieter. On a separate note, fitness assessment tests are done with DietMaster Pro as well.

Product Features

The DietMaster Pro is more or less a professional program that’s suited more toward weight management experts that commonly deal with men and women who’re striving to shed excess body fat. This system helps them scrutinize each individual’s eating habits and dilemmas regarding weight loss. This way these things can be remedied with the help of the DietMaster Pro program. While there doesn’t appear to be any diet pills, supplements or fitness equipment provided with this product, there is ample information and software. It doesn’t appear that any testimonials are provided from past consumers, nor is there a solid money-back guarantee offered with the DietMaster Pro.

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  • Anyone can schedule an online demo of the DietMaster Pro software.
  • This program is a professional level weight management system.


  • Not only is there no 100% money-back guarantee with the DietMaster Pro, but this product is non-refundable (cannot be returned at all).
  • This weight management software sells for a whopping $499.
  • There are no convenient appetite suppressants or fat-burning pills that go along with the DietMaster Pro system.
  • This type of weight management program may not be suitable for a single individual, but rather a professional that has clients.
  • No testimonials are presented on the website to support the effectiveness of this software.


When it comes to weight loss products, it can be a challenge pinpointing the one that’s ideal for you specifically. As for the DietMaster Pro, this product is really marketed more toward someone who deals with weight loss on a professional level (someone with clients). Therefore, if you’re just an individual trying to shed excess body fat, then you might want to seek out a simpler and less expensive product.

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    Brian Roetcisoender

    I purchased a copy of the Dietmaster product for my Apple computer. It did not install properly and I have been unable to get any product support. The program crashed several times, has inaccurate calorie data for food. Total thumbs down for me on this. I can’t even use the product I paid for and I can’t get any technical support. What a waste of time and money.