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At this point there is something to assist virtually anyone and everyone with weight reduction and management. Now we’re going to take a look at the DietOrganizer software. This type of software can easily be installed on a PC, Blackberry, mobile phone, palm pilot, or pocket PC. The point is to have simple access to it whenever you need to. Like some other products currently available, the DietOrganizer helps users count calories, regulate/record a fitness regimen and keep track of everything they consume. The official website even calls it a “diet diary.”

What if you could keep track of your personal body measurements as well as all the foods you consume every day? Well, this is what the DietOrganizer is for. Summaries are posted on the screen of your PC, cell phone, ect to help you monitor your food intake and progress with weight loss. This is accomplished with a “familiar Windows spreadsheet.” The DietOrganizer actually comes with a “database containing 6000 different foods.” It allows you to check and see if you’re attaining the correct amount of vitamins/minerals daily. By tracking when you exercise and how many calories you eat, you can also keep track of how many calories you have left to consume each day.

Product Features

The DietOrganizer is basically a way for men and women to keep track of their eating habits, weight loss, fitness routines and more. Some of the features you get with this new-age software are; a Windows interface, direct spreadsheet entry, fast loading pages, automatic food favorites, smart search capabilities, definitions, ways to easily create new foods for the database, over 200 exercise routines, a way to set nutritional goals, convenient calculators for body fat measurement, body weight tracking and size tracking. Unfortunately there is no price posted for this software on the official website. However, there are a number of responses from customers.

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  • There are no potentially harmful diet pills involved with the DietOrganizer software program.
  • This type of program for the cell phone, PC, or PDA is rather convenient and can be utilized with ease.


  • The official website doesn’t reveal an actual price for the DietOrganizer software, which means that it may be expensive.
  • There are no convenient appetite suppressants incorporated to aid with consuming less food.
  • It is not mentioned whether or not the DietOrganizer is sold with a refund policy or satisfaction guarantee.
  • This type of weight management program may be a tad too involved for some individuals that prefer a more simplified supplement to help with fat reduction.


Overall, the DietOrganizer is a rather innovative and interesting approach to weight management. While there are countless diet pills available these days, this contemporary software offers an alternative approach to weight management. However, it’s unknown how much DietOrganizer software actually sells for, which may be a deterrent for some dieters. Furthermore, this kind of approach to weight loss requires a little more effort than many other products available at this time.

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