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Regardless of where it is you reside in the world, you can likely find a weight loss product to fit your needs. Especially with the Internet in full swing these days. It’s almost impossible to keep up with all of the fat reduction products out there. Take Dietpharma Dietislender for instance. This is a diet product that’s manufactured in Portugal, and is claimed to help men and women achieve a thinner figure within mere days. Unfortunately there doesn’t appear to be an official website provided for this dietary supplement, which means that customer testimonials and a 100% money-back guarantee are not found.

As with most weight loss supplements you’ll find online or in stores, Dietpharma Dietislender does contain some “key active components.” These are Green Tea Extract (may assist the metabolism and act as a diuretic), Birch (sometimes used to treat a stomach ache), Horsetail (this is a diuretic that offers potassium and calcium), Cavalinha (a fish ingredient that provides the user with omega 3 oils), and Fumaria (not sure what this component is for). Unfortunately there is no full list of product ingredients provided for Dietpharma Dietislender at this time. In regards to what this supplement does to assist with weight loss, nothing is really addressed (such as fat burning, appetite suppression or carbohydrate blocking). It seems that this diet drug is sold online still for around $28 (60 capsules).


Not available on an official website.

Product Features

Dietpharma Dietislender is a dietary supplement that may aid some individuals with weight reduction. However, with this specific product, there is not much revealed in regards to how this works. While it’s known that Dietpharma Dietislender contains ingredients like Green Tea Extract, Birch, Horsetail, Cavalinha, and Fumaria, it’s unknown how these components truly assist with fat reduction. On the other hand, it seems that some of the ingredients, which are diuretics, would help with water weight loss more than anything. Naturally since Dietpharma Dietislender is a product of Portugal, locating English information on this product can be a challenge. There are no known clinical trials presented to support this supplement formula.

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  • Dietpharma Dietislender is sold in the convenient form of a capsule, as are most diet products.
  • The key ingredients found in this weight loss product are listed out online.
  • There is no prescription required for this weight loss formula.


  • There is no official website found for Dietpharma Dietislender at this time.
  • When it comes to clinical research and testimonials from consumers, there is nothing provided.
  • It’s unknown whether or not any side effects apply to this supplement.
  • A money-back guarantee may not be offered with Dietpharma Dietislender.
  • Some of the ingredients found in this product are diuretics, which may pull water from the user’s body.


All in all, there is really not a great deal of data provided on Dietpharma Dietislender. Since there is no official website, this makes learning more about this weight loss supplement difficult. Unfortunately there is no clinical evidence supporting Dietpharma Dietislender, nor are there any key ingredients incorporated that generally assist with healthy weight reduction. It may be that this supplement will lead to a loss in water weight.

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