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Dietrol appears to be a fat burner from Portugal. The website translates easily to English, but there is a huge problem with the information listed on the official website – there is no ingredient list. There is a sole picture of a green tea leaf and mention of EGCG and green tea, but there could be a long list of other ingredients, potentially dangerous ingredients, included in Dietrol and the dieter would never know. Other than the official website, there are few sources of trustworthy information available for the supplement. The product does not appear to be sold on trusted vitamin websites and there is no listing on GNC or Dietrol may be a safe and effective weight loss supplement, but without additional information we can warn the dieter from the start to skip this product.

List of Ingredients


  • Green Tea Extract

Product Features

Dieters may be surprised by the immediate red flag we threw when it comes to Dietrol because the main ingredient is a proven and trusted ingredient. There are tons of clinical trials and studies into the potential benefits of drinking green tea and taking green tea supplements. Most suggest an intake of 300 to 350 mg, but Dietrol does not reveal how much green tea is included in each serving and there is no way of knowing if green tea extract is the only ingredient.

If terms of the other information provided by the Dietrol website, we are rather impressed. We found before and after photos, testimonials and information about the clinical testing completed on green tea extract. We agree with the details provided supporting EGCG and the fact that EGCG is a stronger antioxidant than typical vitamins. Again, we do not shun Dietrol because green tea is the sole ingredient; we shun Dietrol because there could be other ingredients hidden from the dieter.

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  • Contains green tea extract.
  • The Dietrol website mentions clinical studies into green tea and the power of EGCG.


  • There could be hidden ingredients in the Dietrol formula.
  • We have no idea how much green tea or EGCG is supplied by Dietrol.
  • There is no mention of a money-back guarantee.
  • It appears the supplement can only be sent to Brazil.


Dietrol is not the weight loss supplement you are looking for. The complete formula is unknown and if you live outside of Brazil you cannot place an order for the supplement. We suggest choosing a supplement with green tea and other synergistic ingredients.

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