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For those who are new to the weight loss game, there is plenty to be reviewed. In the beginning it’s actually a good plan to stop and put some thought into what it is you’re looking for to assist you with healthy weight reduction. There really are some useful products out there. The key is discerning what form they come in. Naturally there are supplement bars, prescription diet pills, exercise CDs, fitness equipment, eating programs and numerous books to select from. Currently you can find the sequel to Bob Schwartz’s book “Diets Don’t Work.” It’s entitled “Diets Still Don’t Work.”

Like the first weight loss book by Schwartz, this text aims to educate individuals on the numerous weight loss plans out there these days. To put things simply, Diets Still Don’t Work focuses on how short-term and ineffective most “gimmicky” weight loss regimens are these days. As opposed to trying out one of the contemporary diet plans found on every corner, this book encourages dieters to explore the core of weight loss. This means adopting healthy eating habits and a regular fitness regimen to shed excess body fat. There are some reviews provided by customers on websites like that sell the text. Although there is no money-back guarantee mentioned, Diets Still Don’t Work can be acquired for a list price of $16.47.

Product Features

Diets Still Don’t Work is a book that aims to educate women and men on healthy eating and why so many diets simply don’t work. This 204-page book does not encourage any specific diet drugs or nutritional supplements, but rather focuses on healthy eating habits and consuming fewer calories. Apparently the dilemma of many individuals is that they eat the wrong food and too much of it. Naturally there is no real clinical data to support this book, as there is with some weight loss products. As a dieter, you basically have to go with the reviews you read on Diets Still Don’t Work.

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  • It’s not difficult for individuals to attain the Diets Still Don’t Work book online.
  • There are no health risks with this text, since no diet drugs are involved.


  • Once you purchase the Diets Still Don’t Work book, you may not be able to get a refund.
  • There are no convenient fat burners or appetite suppressing supplements involved with this book.
  • Some dieters may prefer a more convenient method of weight reduction, than a book that negates diets.
  • This book may call for a rather drastic lifestyle change.


When it comes down to it, the Diets Still Don’t Work book is really more for those that desire ample knowledge on today’s diet market and which weight loss plans may need to be avoided. However, this text does not offer any convenient supplements, which some dieters may be in search of. Therefore if you are actually in the market for an appetite suppressant that boosts thermo genesis, combats calories and/or increases energy levels, then you should scour the market further before buying anything.

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