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Click Here To See Our Highest Rated Review is a health website that focuses on diet and exercise while also providing other health information. The website charges an undisclosed membership fee and does not really do a good job of showing what you will get if you decide to sign up, but we will use what information we do know to help you decide whether or not this is a good tool for you to use in your weight loss ventures..

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Product Features is a complete online health and fitness solution. A membership with this website gives you personalized exercise plans, the ability to find and add recipes to your account, and more. Though you must sign up with little information presented about what the website will offer you, you can cancel your plan at any time without penalty. There are no contracts. If there is ever any question, customer service is available to help you over the phone. As a user, you can choose from various diet and exercise programs to use the one you believe will work best for you based on your preferences and lifestyle. When you join, you have the option to use the help of a registered dietician to choose the diet plan that is right for you. You do not get access to specific diet information until you become a paying member of the website. No exercise plans are revealed before you become a paying member of the website, for what the company claims is because everyone’s needs are different. You also have the option to choose a workout plan based on your goals, with the help of a personal trainer. It appears as though you must call and speak to customer service to sign up, as the registration process is not available on the website itself.

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  • provides a customized approach.
  • The website has a phone support team to help customers.
  • The website features more than diet and weight loss information.


  • You have no idea what you are really getting because there is no free preview option to help prospective buyers see what they are getting with their membership.
  • The website makes it difficult to find information unless you have paid for a membership.
  • does not present customer testimonials.
  • does not provide information on the cost of the membership.

Conclusion provides all diet and weight loss information in one location for users. In addition to diet and exercise, general health information is provided. This is a good option for people who are willing to take the plunge and purchase something without knowing exactly what they are getting. If they were to add a free preview or trial and provide more information about the costs upfront, we would be inclined to recommend this website for your weight loss goals. Instead, we have to caution against the lack of information available. To lose weight, use a proven weight loss supplement, balanced diet, and regular exercise.

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