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The Internet has certainly made dieting more convenient for some men and women. Take the DietSite for example. This website essentially aims to help users with “tracking their health and fitness progress.” Therefore in order to keep in better health, users allow the DietSite to record all of their results, updates, and eating habits in order to better assist the users with shedding excess body weight. To get started with this online program, you must first enter all of your personal information or stats and submit them. This consists of your height, age, ethnic background, current weight, chest measurement, hips measurement, waist measurement, forearm (for women), wrist (for women), and goal body weight.

Although there doesn’t appear to be any fees or charges related to the DietSite, one may come up after the information sheet is filled out. Under the “goals” section of the official website, it reveals that this site’s purpose is to guide users with selecting the right foods, provide diet advice pertaining to the specific age group, provide current nutritional data on foods, and more. Some of the main categories you’ll encounter on the DietSite are Diet Tools (meal planner, progress report, health logs, track my weight and more), Exercise Tools (cardio log, pedometer tracker, exercise examples, and body measurements), Reference (my profile, diets, nutrition facts, my health profile and more), as well as Community (diet buddy, email center, talk to a dietitian and member forums).

Product Features

The DietSite is a website created to assist dieters with figuring out an ideal weight loss plan for them specifically. Once this is accomplished, all of the user’s data can be punched into the DietSite and kept track of. Although this site is not an actual program or supplement, it’s more like a fat reduction tool. You can utilize it to keep track of all your progress and daily routines. There is a convenient contact page offered on the website, along with a “help” link that offers information to new and more experienced dieters.

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  • The DietSite is a tool that can be used at your convenience online.
  • There doesn’t appear to be an actual charge for this website (however there could be one).
  • There is a simple and convenient contact form offered on the DietSite.


  • As far as actual diets go, there isn’t one really pitched on this website.
  • For individuals that prefer a more convenient supplement formula, there is none offered with the DietSite.
  • Keeping track of all the diet and exercise information daily may get a tad tedious over time.


Naturally locating the best source of weight loss can be a challenge of its own. If you’re unclear as to what it is you’re searching for to assist you, then you may want to take a peek at the DietSite to get a better idea of what all it offers. However, if you would prefer a dietary supplement to a data entry site like this, then you will probably have to examine a few alternative options for weight loss.

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