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In this day and age you can find virtually anything related to weight loss and dieting. Amongst the plethora of options, there is DietSol. This is pitched on the official website as the “negative calorie weight loss solution.” Like many other weight loss programs, DietSol can be broken down into steps or phases. These are (one) analyze your weight, (2) discover the negative calorie weight loss solution, and (3) lose two to three pounds weekly. The results you achieve from this program are claimed to be “safe, easy and permanent.” There are no dietary supplements, fitness regimens or “strict dieting” involved with this system.

Essentially DietSol is one of the several software programs that aim to assist women and men with healthy weight reduction. It can be ordered online directly through the website for $29.95 and downloaded immediately. Users are provided with five different tools to aid them in the weight loss process. These are the DietSol program (this is a step-by-step guide), a Two-Week Menu (it’s supposed to involve typical foods and nothing out of the ordinary), a Personal Weight Loss Chart (a way to record your progress with fat loss), 24/7 Online Access (the members area can be accessed at any time), and Fitness Calculators (these are online tools that may assist users with reaching their goals). Fortunately the DietSol program is sold with a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee. A convenient FAQ section is provided on the website to help users with basic and routine queries.


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Product Features

The DietSol weight reduction program is basically a software-based dieting system that walks you through weight loss and management. It’s stated to be the last program you will ever need, since it’s supposed to produce long-term results. Although users are not required to exercise regularly with this program, it is mentioned that you may get results faster if you do. Those that utilize the DietSol program keep track of their eating habits, weight loss and progress online by using the software and tools, which are provided. There isn’t supposed to be any drastic change in eating habits with this weight reduction plan.

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  • The DietSol program allows users to continue eating many of the foods they enjoy.
  • There is a 100% satisfaction guarantee provided with this dieting system.


  • By using the DietSol program, users are supposed to keep track of everything daily by using the software provided, which may be too time consuming for some.
  • There are no simple and convenient supplements offered with DietSol.
  • Testimonials and before/after photos do not appear on the website.


At this point there are more and more software-based weight loss programs hitting the diet scene. Naturally some individuals may find this more convenient than weight loss centers that call for meetings and such. However, it’s wise to think about how time consuming something like DietSol may be. Especially since you have to constantly keep track of everything. For those who prefer a more simplified supplement that’s taken orally, you should probably keep browsing the diet scene.

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